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Melvita newly renovated 1Utama Concept store ~ inspired by Nature, Bees & Beehives

Hello readers ..

Are you a fan of organic product? If you are, Yeayy!!! Misz-ella memang peminat dan pengamal organic .. organic products, organic food and organic life. Yes .. I live my life naturally and I love nature.

In this entry, I am going to share about the newly renovated Meltiva concept store at 1Utama which is inspired by nature.

Meltiva, is a French organic beauty care products since 1983, a pioneer and expert in organic beauty care. 

The newly renovated Melvita 1Utama concept store was officially launched and introduced to its customer on 5th May 2017. 

A quick tour and friendly briefing on the newly-renovated concept store were organised and Misz-ella.blogspot.com was invited to be among the earliest to discover the newly-renovated concept store. Hellooo .. I am here *happy*

The newly renovated Melvita 1Utama concept store are inspired by nature, bees and behive. The elements used in this store are those typically found in nature such as ..

A real tree trunks, preserved moss and bark forming beautiful green walls, leading the customers to discover the brand's remarkable organic and natural beauty identity. Choices of materials are also carefully selected by Melvita such as low VCO paints and finishes and low energy LED lighting that could provide a long-lasting and ecological solution whilst maintaining a high-end lighting result of the brand : Ardeche.

Just like the other Melvita stores, most product plinths are derived from beehive hexagonal structure to demonstrate Melvita's effort towards safeguarding the bees and promoting beekeeping. One of the unique fixtures is the stunning hexagonal chandelier that hangs down from the ceiling to softly illuminate the space. This fun hexagonal element is complemented with slick modern fixtures and facets to fully exhibit the brand's founding principles of nature commitment in a contemporary, holistic and welcoming setting.

A Beauty Oil bar with 3 giant oil tanks are set up in the store to let the customers explore Melvita's large collection of organic plant oil. Both items are the icon of Melvita. Also can be seen at the new concept store is the unique Rose display unit, its background is different from the standard display unit and the products are highlighted in a lighted central hexagon.

Melvita 1Utama concept store also offers other beauty skincare products for women as well as men, with a selection that includes face care, body care, hair care and even hygiene products, among others. Product formulations are proudly organic and the ingredients are hail from organic farms and other sources that practice a true respect for nature.

Most products collections are certified by ECOCERT France, and fulfil the standards of COSMEBIO France (Professional Association for Ecological and Organic Cosmetics).

So readers, wait no more, lets start your organic life today (in case if you havent). Step into Melvita 1Utama Concept store, get a proper advise from Melvita beauty consultant at the Consultation table. A professional advise will be given on products' suitability while you sit comfortably. A customized beauty tips will be provided too.

Met Ain Ramli (the famous Fitness Advocate) and Nana Al-Haleeq, Malaysian Fitness celebrity during the event too. So happy meeting my fitness idol!

With other beauty bloggers and Clarance of Melvita.

Last but not least, Thank you Melvita for having me. I had a great time touring Melvita newly-renovated concept store at 1Utama, my favourite shopping mall. Dont wait anymore readers, explore today and start organic to protect the Mother Nature!

Melvita 1Utama ~ F141, 1st Floor (Infront of Isetan New Wing) 
Tel ~ 03-7710 1877