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Amee Philips Launched Forget Me Not Collection - A Tribute to Mothers

Hello readers ..

Lets talk something beautiful today. Well I am sure you will agree if I say that jewellery complement our appearance.

Imagine .. donning a beautiful attire with gorgeous make up but without a jewellery .. its not complete, right. Either big or small, jewellery complement our appearance and boost our confident.

I recently had an opportunity to witnessed Amee Philips Fine Jewellery Forget Me Not collection launched in conjunction with the Mothers Day Celebration. As I am eager and always excited with anythings that related with beauty, I made my way to The Mandarin Oriental Hotel to meet Amee Philips in person and her Forget Me Not Collections.

Amee Philips Fine Jewellery has made its name for creating bold and avant-garde jewellery pieces. Borned and bred in Penang, Amee started her fascination in gemstones when she moves to Europe. She developed her expertise as a gemstone wholesaler in German City of Idar Oberstein, which is also known as "gemstone town", a leading hub in the trade of South America and Africa. Developing a keen eye for quality and value, Amee also gained a reputation for her skills in selecting and securing the best gems. 

Amee is inspired by how her design makes others feel ~ I want to create jewellery that comes to life when you wear it. Pieces which are exciting and uplifting to wear today can be handed down through generations .. said Amee. Amee believes that jewellery should be creatively beautiful, daring but never dull. This reminded me on our tradition ~ a mom used to give a jewellery to their daughter as a wedding gift. An everlasting, daring and never dull jewellery which are part of Amee's mission resulted in Amee Philips producing a jewellery with enduring quality that goes beyond fleeting fashion.

At this point, I found Amee's personality and mission interesting. Amee put her soul on her design and I love how Amee spreading loves among others through her new Forget Me Not collection. 

Forget Me Not Collection is inspired from a flowers which is blue in colour. The flowers with 5 heart shaped petals symbolize love and the central star shape in the centre which binds the heart shaped petals together symbolizing our love lasting forever ~ Eternity love. This collection serves to remind us to appreciate the special person in our lives.

Made from 18k white gold or rose gold, the collection is elegantly paired with a string of dazzling diamond that binds the heart shape petals together akin to the greatest memories that is held close to one's heart. The awe-inspiring hues of tanzanite and blue sapphire bring out the magnificent blue of the flowers.

Forget Me Not collection offer varieties range, shapes, colours and designs for personal adornment ~ from small, big, simple and yet elegant, dazzling look. Its is so versatile and are design to suits any occasion ~ From casual daily chic to the glamorous red carpet look.

Some of Forget Me Not Collection are V-Clip patented. This allows the wearer to be creative with a piece of the jewellery they adorn to suit their mood or occasion ~ from the corporate meeting room to an evening cocktail or ballroom ... Amee Philips Forget Me Not Collection definitely suits the lifestyle of elegant woman in this era.

And I like this idea ~ Isn't it lovely to have two rings in a finger? 

The red carpet collection ~ Amee Philips Forget Me Not Collection are classic, contemporary and dazzling at the same time.  

For those of you who are looking for a jewellery which is beautiful and dazzling at the same time why not you visit Amee Philips Philips Exclusive Jewellery at:

Outlet Kuala Lumpur                                              Outlet Penang
Mandarin Oriental Hotel                                         109, Kelawei Road,
Kuala Lumpur City Centre                                      George Town,
50088 Kuala Lumpur.                                             Penang.
+6012 4294251                                                     +604-229 5755

Either as a gift for your mother during this upcoming Mothers Day Celebration or for your loved one .. Forget Me Not Collection has it all. More info about Forget Me Not Collection is available at www.ameephilips.com or LIKE Amee Philips Facebook at www.facebook.com/AmeePhilips. Dont wait readers .. lets make our way to the showroom and get a piece or two for this Eternity Love Forget Me Not collection .. I'm gonna get mine too!