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Annual Bubur Lambuk Affair at Concorde Hotel, Shah Alam

Hello readers ..

Bubur Lambuk is so synonym with Ramadan and in conjunction with the Ramadan month, the Management and Hosts of Concorde Hotel Shah Alam were delighted welcoming the crowd that came to enjoy their Bubur Lambuk, a yearly event at Concorde Hotel Shah Alam. Distributing Bubur Lambuk prior to Ramadan month has been the hotel’s annual event since 2004, making it the 13th consecutive year for this meaningful event.

 The cooking process started at 7:00 am, with Management and hosts assisting their chefs for the day. After massive rounds of cooking, 300 kilos of rice, 80 kilos of beef and other ingredients were cooked in big pots of heart-warming Bubur Lambuk. At 12:00 pm, all hosts worked together again and packed the giant pots of Bubur Lambuk into 8,000 packets.

The distribution started at 4:00 pm and crowd started to build up as early as 2:00 pm. Vehicles were seen queuing all eagerly wanting to get their packets of the Bubur Lambuk.

The hotel driveway was turned into a ‘drive-thru’ lane, and the hotel hosts delivered some Bubur Lambuk to the mosques, orphanages and underprivileged homes nearby. Just before 7.00pm, all 8,000 packets of Bubur Lambuk were distributed.

Concorde Hotel Shah Alam General Manager, Mr. Patrick Ng said This annual charity event has been well received and very popular amongst the residents and offices in Shah Alam.

Well .. this is my second year witnessing the Annual Bubuk Lambuk Affair hosted by Concorde Hotel Shah Alam. It was nice to see the whole Concorde team work together preparing and distributing Bubur lambuk for a good cause. Congratulations Concorde Hotel Shah Alam on your noble efforts. Keep up the good works!

With Patrick Ng, General Manager and Amy, Director of Sales of Concorde Hotel Shah Alam.

Last but not least, Thank you very much Concorde Hotel Shah Alam for having me. I always love Concorde's hospitality!