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Concorde Hotel Shah Alam celebrated Christmas with the children from House of Love

Hello readers .

I recently had the opportunity to joined a trip to House of Love ~ a home for abandoned, abused and neglected kids for an early Christmas celebration hosted by Concorde Hotel Shah Alam.

Concorde Hotel Shah Alam team, lead by the General Manager Mr. Patrick Ng arrived House of Love at 11:00am by a coach sponsored by Metro Limo and was welcomed by the Founder, Mr. Joseph Pang, other caretakers and the residents age between 4 to 16 years old.

Pic credit to mieranadhirah.com
We were then given a welcome speech by Mr. Pang and continued with a tour of the Home.

Pic credit to mieranadhirah.com

Pic credit to mieranadhirah.com

Pic credit to mieranadhirah.com
House of Love is a home for 33 abandoned, abused and neglected children. The house is fully maintained and run by Mr. Joseph Pang with the help of a few caretakers. The house solely rely on personal funding and also fund/donations from the public. The children live together under one roof, went to school everyday and treat each other like a family.

The children then were entertained with a fun interactive activity lead by Concorde Hotel Shah Alam Executive Chef, Chef Alham Ahmad Daldiri. Chef Alham demonstrated and guided the children on the techniques of designing, layering, sculpting, icing and decorating any style of cupcake.

The children were given an opportunity to decorate their own cupcakes. They were so excited and had so much fun!

Soon after that, Ms Amilia Alias, The Director of Sales and Marketing handed out a Christmas goodies and a wishing stars where their names were printed on it. They later hung the stars on the Christmas tree sponsored by Concorde Hotel Shah Alam.

The children were also entertained by Bobo The Clown and Batak Band performance, adding more joy to this meaningful occasion.

The children were then treated with Nasi Ayam and drinks for lunch, specially brought by The Concorde Hotel Shah Alam. On behalf of the Concorde Hotel Shah Alam, The General Manager, Mr. Patrick Ng presented a 40" LED Television to Mr. Joseph Pang, the Founder house of Love, Klang. CSR programme not only about giving the necessities to unfortunate but also by spending time with them. We are happy to see the kids enjoyed the celebration and be part of it, added Patrick Ng.

It was a wonderful moment to see the smiling faces of the innocent children of the House of Love during the Concorde Hotel Shah Alam visit and being someone who loves kid so much, this programme really touched my heart *rolling tears* Thank You Concorde Hotel Shah Alam for spreading the joy among the children of the home this Christmas!

MERRY CHRISTMAS CHILDREN ~ from the Management and staff of Concorde Hotel Shah Alam.