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The Body Shop Malaysia Mobile App

Hello lovely readers ..

Are you a fan of The Body Shop? If you are, kita geng!! Come Hi-5 *pap*

Good news for all The Body Shop Malaysia fans ~ The Body Shop Malaysia is now available on Mobile App!! So easy! So convenient to browse and buy your favourite natural beauty products now with the app!

Download the app now and say Hello to an all new enriched shopping experience!!

Once you signed up for the apps and become LOVE YOUR BODY Friends, you will get access to exclusive in-app promotions, keep up-to-date with new releases and sore events, check your membership points and much more!

As a little welcome, The Body Shop Malaysia will reward you with a FREE gift (no purchase necessary). Show the downloaded app in any stores to redeem your FREE gift!! 


Purchase any products worth RM130 and get 20% discount (from 15 - 23 December). Good deal!

So jom kita download The Body Shop Malaysia Mobile App cepat-cepat. Shopping your favourite natural organic products lebih mudah dan hanya dihujung jari dengan cara ini.

More information about the The Body Shop Mobile App can be find at The Body Shop Malaysia Facebook Page