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Jom Gaya Hidup Sihat ~ Makan dan Exercise

Another chapter of my exercise diary .. hidup Misz-ella camni la .. kalau tak kerja, exercise. Kalau tak kat Event kat Gym. Tu je la tempat...

Ice-Watch's Light Up The Night Run 2016 ~ The happening race!

Hello readers 

Remember my entry about Ice-Watch 2nd Light Up The Night Run? Kalau lupa sila click entry ini ye. I managed to register 10 friends from my Fit Sister group to join the run. Thanks to Encik Benz Azuri who helped throughout the registration and guess what ????

This group of 12 ladies *includes me* were so excited with the run. The WhatsApp group which we set purposely for the run were so happening.

Jom kita lari pegang tangan .. sebab lari malam takut gelap nanti hilang.
Jom kita beli Reflector yang berkerlipan di waktu malam so that we meet the Run theme ~ Light Up the Night

That was among the conversation that we had *LOL*

Finally, the day arrived. Race Kit collected on 1st & 2nd December plus .. We bought many pairs of this funky Belgium timepiece. Thank you Ice Watch for being so generous ..  RM99 was a real good offer. Ada yang beli untuk satu famili ada yang beli untuk dijadikan cenderahati. We bought 50 pieces altogether. Terima kasih sekali lagi Ice Watch. Semoga lebih murah rezeki.

Say Hello to Melvin from Ice-Watch! *Hello Melvin*

We aimed for the stage. Dah tau dah takkan merasa naik pentas untuk dapat hadiah so lets have Our Ice Watch's group pose here before the Flag-Off.

Ain, one of my fit sister yang makin suka berlari sekarang ni

The watches were safely kept in my Premier Room, Concorde Hotel Shah Alam. Thank You Mr. GM, Patrick and the team for the complimentary stay for misz-ella.blogspot.com. Group ni memang suka ambik gambar .. dalam lift pun jadi.

After performing 'Solat Maghrib' we walked to the Flag off venue and joined the Warming Up Session. 

We enjoyed the beats and steps and took a lot of pictures. Belum lari lagi gambar dah 500 keping *hahaha*

Then Blogger Kelly Chin arrived and joined us. Kak can we run together? Jom!

Kami adalah antara ribuan manusia yang menyertai Ice-Watch Light Up The Night Run 2016. Meriah kitorang dengan 'props' dan sebagainya. Gigih kami mencari 'the glowing in the dark accesories a day before the run to light up Shah Alam together with Ice-Watch *hehehe*

Meanwhile, my son Aiman ran with his cousin, Haris. Take care of each other, ok .. kalau dah mak tu mak jugak, kan .. berbakul-bakul pesanan i *hehehe*

We are ready  to light up Shah Alam with Ice-Watch!!

The Flag-off started with 10KM race. The participants waited patiently and excitedly even the flag-off time were delay by 10 minutes due to the clearance from the Traffic Police.

Spotted Jihadah and Aliah among the crowd.

The Flag Off was done by Datuk Seri Meer Habib, Chairman of Ice-Watch Malaysia and his wife, Datin Seri Zarida. Once the siren blows ..

They ran excitedly. 6,000 participants from all walk of life were seen running together during the Ice-Watch's Light Up The Night Run 2016. We were divided into two groups ~ 10km and 5km. More than half of the crowd participating in the 5km route. 

Happy running!

Run happy!

Shah Alam sangat meriah pada malam itu. The streets of Shah Alam were so beautiful, colourful and cheerful with 6,000 people on the road running together with seven different colours ~ Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, Pink and Purple sponsored by 2ndSkin. Amazing, colourful night!

Seksyen 8 pun meriah, ok .. Azie and Ekin stopped for their photo session.

Water Station and the Medical crews were seen to provide support for those needed.

While I ran with my group of friend, some were seen running with their family. Regardless your age and race, Ice-Watch's Light up The Night Run united people from all ages and races.  Everyone were seen running happily with the spirit of approaching the finishing line.

The crew waiting excitedly to hand over the Finisher medal to the runners at the finishing line.

Congratulations you made it!

 Cool, bro

Approaching the finishing line with Blogger Kelly Chin.  Tqvm Puma for sponsoring my Puma Ignite Dual running shoe. Makin lama, makin selesa berlari dengan dia.

And tadaaaa .. tired, sticky, sweating but happy. I love the Finisher medal, featuring Ice-Watch's exuberant colours on black steel die-cut.

 One is not enough. More selfies please.

Checking the rest of our team ~ Kat mana korang? Is everyone okay?

I must Congratulate Farhana for her high spirit. Walau masih demam, dia gigihkan diri untuk berlari and she went home with her 5km Finisher Medal. I love you, strong woman.

Finally, the whole group arrived and here is our group photo with the medal that we aimed for. The happiest moment in our life is when we can spend quality time together in a healthier way ~ Running for good health and with love. Thank You Ice-Watch for united us through this run *love*

Aiman and Harris with their Finisher medal. Not a first run for Aiman as he participated in a few run before such as Merapoh Forest Run .. etc ..etc but first run for Harris and I am glad he nailed it!

We moved into Plaza Shah Alam after that. Plaza Shah Alam, the venue sponsor extended their operation hours up to 12 midnight. Mari lah kita duduk bersila dan buat seperti rumah sendiri *hehe* 

Dan keterujaan pada Ice-Watch pun berterusan .. asal nampak poster Ice-watch je nak ambik gambar *hahaha*

Sementara tu, keadaan di luar Plaza Shah Alam masih meriah.  Answer a simple question on Ice Watch and bring home this' orangey' Ice-Watch hat. The crowd were seen screaming .. some of them asked me for the answer too .. LOL!

Kemeriahan dan keindahan Shah Alam pada malam Ice-Watch's Light Up The Night Run. Best!

All in .. All in .. we had fun during the Ice-Watch's Light Up The Night Run 2016. The 5km and 10km route are good. Water station are available. Marshalls are available along the route and the Pacers who ran together with us are so cute! Some ran with balloons *bila belon meletop ada yang melatah terkejut .. hahaha* and they gave encouragement to the runners to made their way to the finishing line *too bad I didn't have their photos*

Thanks to Ice-Watch for the amazing night that united us together in a healthy way, The Marathon Company's team who work hard to make it happened especially Encik Benz who helped from the beginning till the end.

To my fit sisters group .. I am proud cos all of you made your way to the finishing line. Lets run more together in a group! 

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*Photos in this entry are from The Marathon Company's and Ice Watch Facebook Page and personal collection*