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Jom Gaya Hidup Sihat ~ Makan dan Exercise

Another chapter of my exercise diary .. hidup Misz-ella camni la .. kalau tak kerja, exercise. Kalau tak kat Event kat Gym. Tu je la tempat...

Merry Christmas Bernard!

Hello readers ..

How was your long Christmas holiday? Many of you took advantage of the long holiday to travel, kan. Well .. not me. I spent my long holiday in my beloved city, Kuala Lumpur. Travel during Public or long holiday can be very challenging ~ traffic jem .. long queue here and there ... I had enough of those things. 

The Christmas tree at Waterfront Desa Parkcity is so lovely. I always love Christmas cos of the decoration. Beautiful. Colourful. Cheerful. And as usual, any festive celebration is a time to get together ... either Hari Raya Puasa, Chinese New Year, Deepavali or Christmas.

I had guest staying over at my house during Christmas .. to be exact a day after Christmas. This special guest, Bernard is Aiman's best friend. Not only our guest but he was our Chef for that special night too. Bernard and Aiman took over the kitchen and cooked a lovely meal for dinner *hapy*

And tadaaa .. It was an awesome feeling when I returned home and was served with Fettucinie Carbonara and Toast for dinner. Thank you to both of you the arrangement .. from the menu selection, groceries shopping, cooking .. I felt like a Queen *love*

I told Bernard I never like Carbonara cos it usually has a 'milky' taste but Bernard is a great Chef! The Fettucine Carbonara with sliced chicken, hotdog, spinach and mushroom was really delicious *GoodBye Diet*

And this is our Christmas gift for our lovely Bernard. Merry Christmas Bernard! We hope you enjoyed our accompany as much as we loved being your host .. and many Thanks for the great surprise. I'm loving it.