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Jom Gaya Hidup Sihat ~ Makan dan Exercise

Another chapter of my exercise diary .. hidup Misz-ella camni la .. kalau tak kerja, exercise. Kalau tak kat Event kat Gym. Tu je la tempat...

Freestyle Group Training at Fitness First

Hi Readers kesayangan ..

I would like to share my experienced on Freestyle Group Training Exercise (FGT), a totally unique signature exercise programme by Fitness First.  A group of Bloggers from The Butterfly Community was invited to experienced this new programme introduced by The Fitness First. I was very excited with the invitation and started counting the days. Well ... i always love exercise. Exercise is fun. Exercise is part of my life. Cant live without exercise.

First question in my mind was What is Freestyle Group Training (FGT)?

FGT is a group workout of 4-12 members  which challenges and works the body in progressive ways to improve efficiency and speed. Progam ini direkacipta dengan mengutamakan elemen 'dynamic movement' (DMT) yang merupakan pergerakan semulajadi tubuh badan kita seperti  'squat, lunge, bend, push, pull and twist movements' dan pergerakan ini diserapkan di dalam FGT. DMT involves the whole entire body working together to challenge the cardiovascular, muscular dan neural systems. Movements can be purely bodyweight, or can be loaded for even greater benefits. DMT gives three times the benefits of regular isolation training by improving overall strength, fitness and fuction all at the same time.

FGT is the perfect blend of aerobic and anaerobic exercise, designed around the body's natural movement and is proven to be at least 50% more effective than fixed machine training for strength, speed, endurance and flexibility. WoW .. 50% more effective .. sangat menarik, kan 

FGT berkonsepkan 'Circuit Training' di mana peserta akan ditrain di setiap station-station yang berbeza di bawah pengawasan Jurulatih bertauliah. Well, i love to exercise under the supervision of the certified Coach. They teach you exercise on the right way to get the maximum and excellent results.

Selepas diberi penerangan tentang FGT, kami diberi peluang untuk melihat sendiri bagaimana FGT dijalankan. 

A casual chat with Mr Kurt Stocks, Managing Director of Fitness First and Mr. Ng Kah Wen, Assistant Fitness Manager, Fitness First the Curve.  We asked a lot of questions and were very happy with the answers. Enjoyed.

The session took place at Fitness First The Curve Platinum which has been newly upgraded to a fresh new look with the 'WOW' element.

The spacious lounge area

A demonstration by the representatives from The Fitness First on the Freestyle Group Training (FGT). This place is called Playground. Yeahhh ..  in Fitness First we can exercise at an indoor playground without any worries *happy*

A detail explanation on how to exercise the right way at every station. To be honest, i was a bit worry and nervous to experienced the FGT after watching the demo. My mind was .. "Can i do it? And the other mind answer .. Just do it, Ella, Just do. Challenge yourself and Enjoy it"

Six Bloggers from Butterfly Malaysia before the FGT Experiental Session. 

Freestyle Group Training Experiental Session with Mr. Ng Kah Wen, The Master Trainer of The Fitness First Platinum, The Curve. The 30 minutes class are divided into 3 different session and this is Mobiliser Session to warm up the muscles. As we know, warming up is very important to get your body ready before the main workout so that body tak terkejut dan tiada kecederaan pada otot-otot badan. 

Immediately after the Warming Up Session, we were placed at a different-different station to start the main workout. I was all excited to try and experience FGT. OK .. Lets do it Ella ..

Yeayyy .. everyone is busy. Challenge yourself to complete the task given. No doubt its not easy cos FGT is new to us but the encouragement and motivation given by the Trainers makes us keep on moving. Yeahhh .. i always love training under the Personal Trainers. What i can say is FGT is a complete exercise routine which includes Calories burning and Body toning.

Haha. Which round? How? I'm confused but in FGT, we are supervised and monitored by the Trainers. Do it right with their guidance to get the excellent results. Superb, right!

We were given 30 seconds to complete each task in every station. We only have 30 seconds but with the right skill and techniques shown and guided by the skilled coach, we will be able to burn at least 500 calories in 30 minutes. DMT delivers maximum results in minimum time. Yeahh .. i love this!!

The Grand Finale Finisher ~ Its a two minutes group exercise with our partner. Run and touch while the other partner squat waiting for their turn. Yeahhh its so much fun even i run like so 'perempuan' .. well who cares as long as we enjoy doing it, right.  The most important thing is, in FGT we exercise with the motivation given by the Trainers .. Come on .. Come on .. Come on .. You Can Do It. Run Ella Run *ok yang ni i tambah sendiri* haha.

The Cooling Down session ~ The hard time is over .. lets lower our pulse rate by cooling down. Feel fresh, feel happy, and feeling wonderful after the exercise. I always love cooling down session. 

We made it so lets do this .. FITNESS FIRST ROCKS!! Yeayyy !!

Photo session.. after the FGT Experiental Session. Tired but happy. Had so much fun with the rest of the bloggers experienting the FGT.

Another Casual talk after the FGT Experiental Session. What i can say is .. FGT is not that difficult as my earlier thot.  FGT is body friendly as the dynamic movement (DMT) in FGT is our normal daily body movement and FGT maximise the usage of our body by increasing the muscle activation. Lebih tenaga digunakan di dalam FGT untuk mempercepatkan proses penurunan berat badan and it will definitely enhance our performance in life and in sport. I fell in love with FGT after the Training cos its Fun. Well ... group exercise is alway Fun .. like Aerodance that i'm doing now and seriously, after the Drink Session, my body recovered and i feel like going into the Playground again but .. but .. but .. the Session is over.  I will definitely enroll myself as a member of Fitness First so that i can enjoy FGT more. I want to keep on enjoying the fun in FGT with the support from the Trainers.  

Thank you Fitness First for the opportunity. We enjoyed our 3 hours spend at The Fitness First The Curve Platinum and i look forward to go back there again.


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Nurul Ain Zulkarnaind said...

best nya KC.

yong x pernah p tempat mcm tu lagi hehe

exercise sendiri2 je

Diana Rashid said...

Ini memang makanan kakchik nih..heheheh..

Cik Iman said...

looks fun but would be funny also ehehehe