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Jom Gaya Hidup Sihat ~ Makan dan Exercise

Another chapter of my exercise diary .. hidup Misz-ella camni la .. kalau tak kerja, exercise. Kalau tak kat Event kat Gym. Tu je la tempat...

Bloggers Poolside BBQ Party

An initiative from one of our Rakan Blogger, Sidney to organised Bloggers Poolside BBQ Gathering mendapat sambutan yang sangat menggalakkan.

Meletup-letup request masuk from rakan blogger yang lain untuk menyertai Bloggers Gathering ni so here we go .. almost 50 bloggers with their family members were seen at Opal Condominium, Damansara on 17th May 2015.

The venue ~ Bloggers and their families were seen happily spending quality times together here

Belon-belon merah hitam dan air swimming pool yang biru menyambut kedatangan kami semua

Kids enjoyed the Jewellery making class organised by Kelvin Gem ~ They had so much fun!!

Mom and Kids enjoyed this ~ having their face or body painting by Fannie Face Art. Cute lah tengok sorang-sorang lepas ber cat di sana-sini. Macam-macam rupa!! Haha.

Another activites lined for bloggers that day is .. being photographed by Zung Ninja Photographer ~ The best photographer in the World. Zung has photographs many well known VIP in the world includes Donald Trump and Richard Branson and we are among the luckiest to get the opportunity to be captured by his Camera. Tq to our Organiser, Sidney who bring Zung to this Gathering.

Its BBQ Time !!!! Ayam Panggang by Bakarlah BBQ & Rental

Lamb and Ayam ~ Antara yang diserbu oleh orang ramai

Ikan Bakar comel dan kecik ni pun sedap juga

Not to forget the Udang Besar and Ikan

The Charcoal used for the BBQ, I like the way they grill the foods ~ Its so enviromental friendly. Tak da asap tebal, tak da debu arang berterbangan. I was there to witness the BBQ process .. dari mula dia letak arang, nyalakan api, keluarkan bahan mentah dari plastik, everything was well taken care. For those who plan to have a BBQ Gathering but want to keep the environment maintain cool, friendly and clean, you should consider Bakarlah BBQ & Grill. Hygiene and sangat teliti kerja mereka and rasa pun sangat sedap. Visit their FB Bakarlah BBQ & Rental for more info.

My friend Leonard and Sidney. Kalau ada dorang berdua, gelak tak habis la kita dibuatnya. Ada je benda nak sembang, nak cerita, lepas tu kita gelak.

Some of the bloggers... 3/4 of the crowd  Misz-ella kenal. Eh ehh .. ada Aiman terselit di situ. This is a gathering which unite bloggers and families as well and one of the best gathering we had so far. Everyone is so cool, rilex and loose .. unlike when we have to attend an Event, masing-masing kena focus pada kerja, tak sempat nak ber sosial bersama but this time .. ITS OUR GATHERING. Seronok!!

My Entry stops here kerana masa makan, i received a phone call from home about Abah. Dad passed away during our Bloggers Pool Side BBQ Day on 17th May 2015 *rolling tears ... *sobs* I left the event immediately after I received the phone call. 17th May 2015 is a sad and happy day for me. I had a good time with my family and blogger friends, and i lost my beloved Dad. Semoga arwah Abah sekarang berada di bawah lindungan serta kasih sayang Allah SWT. Amin.

Thank you for the kind hearted people who initiate and worked hard for this event. We love you, Sid. Thank you also to our Sponsors who supported our Event. The food is good. Childrens and parents were seen enjoying the food and activities. We had a blast!!

NY Steak Shack 
Fannie Face Art
Kelvin Gems


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