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Jalan-Jalan Melaka

Hello hai lovely readers,

Misz-ella, family and Blogger friends baru balik dari Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan di Melaka. We came here for food and we review our room.

We stayed in a 5 star boutique hotel in the City centre. 2H/1M kat sini tak puas rasanya. A friendly reminder to all of you - stay longer cos Melaka is too good to leave earlier.  Many things we can do, too many good food to try or ... you dont feel like stepping out from your room if you stay in this beautiful hotel in Melaka.

Cantik, kan ...

One of the best place for you to rest and release stress is at the swimming pool. Perfect and cool !

 We were served with good food prepared by the Executive Chef of the Hotel. Thanks to Rena and Agnes who took care of us during our stay.

Excited to know where? Check out my blog everyday .. detail story will be up soon. At the moment, sila layan sedikit gambar * saja bagi you all excited dulu*  ok byeeee.


Diana Rashid said...

nanti tulis ye kakcik pasal hotel ni..nak tau sesuai tak untuk bebudak..terutamanya dia punya kolam renang..kawasan nya cantik..

Anonymous said...


sudipVSsenduk said...

Dah pergi dah pergi!
best giler tempat ni.