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Buffet Ramadan 2015 ~ Sajian Desa at Casa Del Rio, Melaka

Hai lovely readers,

I was in Melaka last week attending a preview of "Sajian Desa Buffet Dinner" hosted by Casa Del Rio Hotel, Melaka. An entry about this beautiful boutique hotel will be "LIVE" on my blog, soon but now, let's give way to "Sajian Desa Buffet Dinner" first to welcome the Ramadan 2015.

"Sajian Desa Buffet Ramadan 2015 Dinner" will be held daily at "The River Grill" restaurant from 17th June to 15th July 2015 from 6:30pm to 10pm. Casa del Rio's Sajian Desa Buffet Dinner lead by Chef Gahazali showcasing the rich culinary background of Melaka with his own special 5-star twist. 

The Buffet Dinner features such favourites like Sup Gearbox (a rich Marrow Mutton Soup), Peranakan Flavoured Whole Roast Lamb, Lemang, Satay, Pasta, along with live action stations by the idullic Melaka river. Bask in the elegance of The River Grill, tantalised by the aroma of delicious food prepared.

Ikan Jenahak Asam Pedas

Nyonya Chap Chai

Mussels Tumis Bercili

Ketupat Palas

Pulut Kuning

The Pasta Corner

Mee Goreng Kawah

Bubur Lambuk Daging

Ikan Bakar and the 'Cicah'

Satay Celup or Lok-Lok with its special peanut sauce

Roti Naan and Chicken Tandoori

A plate of white rice with Asam Pedas Ikan Jenahak Portugese Style. Ahhh its so delicious  *sampai hari ni teringat-ingat*

Chicken and Beef Satay served with 'Kuah Kacang using Gula Melaka'. Feel so Melaka, ya! 

The beverage counter and various type of Kerabu

Some of the desert which landed in my little tummy ~ The desert counter served a nice, delicious and 'cute' looking mini cakes and pastries.

And do not forget to end your Buka Puasa Session here with the traditional Raya cookies such as Biskut Suji, Biskut Tart Nenas, Biskut Samprit, Biskut Sarang Semut and Biskut Bijan. Its so nostalgic, lah!

The Sajian Desa buffet price is RM88 nett per Adult whilst Senior citizens above 55 years old and children from 6 to 11 years enjoy a 50% discount.

A 5-for-1 promotion for advance purchases where for every group of 6 people, 1 person dines free. This 5-for-1 promotion is via purchase of dining voucher booklets priced at RM440 nett each. 

For more info, kindly visit Casa del Rio's Hotel Website at http://www.casadelrio-melaka.com/ or call 06-2896888.

Casa del Rio is located at :-
88, Jalan Kota Laksamana,
75200 Melaka, Malaysia.