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Buffet Ramadan 2015 at Resorts Cafe and Fuzion, Sunway Resort and Spa

In the lead up to the 2015 Raya celebration, Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa has carefully curated two (2) different ambiance showcasing a kaleidoscopic range of food offerings and a team of chefs who will be cooking up a storm of over 400 authentic and nostalgic festive and traditional favourites at the newly opened all-day dining restaurant, The Resort Café and Fuzion from 18 June 2015 to 16 July 2015, serving nightly for dinner from 6.00pm to 10.30pm. 

The Resort Café, Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa’s brand new all-day dining restaurant celebrates its first festive season by embracing a theme of “Bustling Asian Food Hall”, serving dishes synonymous with the feasting traditions leading up to the celebration. Priced at RM168 nett per adult and RM78 nett per child (aged between 6 to 12 years old), the bustling 60-meter long open-exhibition kitchen in The Resort Café will feature well over 300 dishes prepared a la minute with personalisation and customisation and an expansive display of dishes with focus on the Malay Archipelago featuring favourite dishes and recipes from Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia; and other popular dishes from around the region like Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, Korea, China, India and the Middle East; providing diners with sensory sensations, bringing together the most authentic tastes of popular and nostalgic dishes

The Resort Café’s Soup Gearbox Turbo is the restaurant’s must-try dish. The popular perennial favourite, cooked over a slow fire for eight (8) hours is prepared and served in a large cauldron, providing diners with a visual feast and aromatic treat. The dish is prized for the bone marrow contained in the bones that is served with this dish; not only provides succulent flavour to the rich and fragrant broth but is also beneficial for the health including improving brain functions, promoting healthy skin and reducing inflammation

The highlight at The Resort Café is the range of premium meats, seafood and fruit selections through its Churrasco and Rotisserie, including tender and juicy grilled-to-perfection meat on large skewers such as Wagyu Beef, Venison, Chicken, Lamb, various types of Seafood and Fruit; and for the first time ever in the hotel, Rabbit meat will also be part of the rotisserie offering. The meats, carefully marinated with minimal seasoning of lemon, salt and herbs to maintain its original taste are freshly grilled for diners upon their arrival to the restaurant and are complemented by the chefs’ range of “home-made” sauces and side dish which includes Feijoada (a stew of black beans) and accompanied by flavourful sauces like Chimichurri, Guava, Mustard and Thai Chilli Coriander.

Seafood enthusiasts will be dazzled by the variety of fresh seafood on ice including Clams, Prawns, Half Shell Mussels, Slipper Lobster, Flower Crabs, Salmon Sashimi and Tuna Sashimi; served with its complementing sauces and dips.

Under the Treasures of the Middle East selections at The Resort Café, the Middle Eastern Jordian-born Chef Ala’a Ali will feature special dishes that are commonly savoured during the season with a rich sampling of Middle East favourites from Saudi Arabia, Iran, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Egypt and the Emirates. Chef Ala’a will prepare dishes like the exotic Ostrich meat in the form of Ostrich Sharwarma, Saudi Prawn Kabsa, Saudi Chicken Kabsa (Biryani), Stuffed Chicken with Freekeh, Lebanese Hummus, and Shish Tawook just to name a few.

Noodle lovers can indulge over seven (7) types of local noodle dishes on rotation daily to be devoured at The Resort Café’s Noodle Corner. The Noodle Corner will feature soup and gravy based noodles; where diners can expect the range to include, amongst other’s Executive Sous Chef Raymond’s (Uncle Ray) signature Nyonya Laksa Mee, Mee Rebus, Laksa Utara, Mee Curry Seremban, Prawn Bee Hoon Soup, Prawn Mee and Sup Bebola Ayam Medan Selera.  Over at the Roti Station, the chefs will be toasting up on the spot favourite Malaysian roti like the Murtabak, Roti Pisang, Roti Jala and Roti Tisu which can be enjoyed with the selection of Gulai Kawah that will be served during this festive period.

Other signature favourites to excite the taste buds are the variety of fishes at the Ikan Bakar station served with a multitude of sambal-inspired sauces; Rendang Tok with Lemang and an extensive range of lauk-pauk / dishes from around Malaysia will be featured during the season.
The Resort Café’s octagonal-shaped Monumental Towers – the Salad and Fruit Towers will be filled with freshest greens and seasonal fruits. The Fruit Tower will feature a comprehensive range of local and international fruits served in slices, cubes and as a whole, whereas the Salad Tower will have on rotation favourite Asian salads such as the Rojak Buah, Som Tam and Ulam-ulam with local dressings including Sambal Belacan, Cincaluk and Budu.

Completing the buffet experience is an assortment of desserts including traditional Malay Kuih-Muih like Tapai Ubi, Kuih Wajid, Kuih Lompang, Apam Kelapa, Dodol, Kuih Seri Muka, Pulut Inti Kelapa and Kuih Siput along with soup-based desserts like the Bubur Cha Cha, Pengat Pisang, Pengat Labu and Bubur Kacang Merah. The dessert bar will also offer delectable desserts of cakes, ice-cream, festive cookies and a chocolate fountain with various condiments


Recreating the vibrant Malaysian street bazaar atmosphere, Fuzion at Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa will be open to serve diners with local and traditional favourites with the theme “Live Street-Food Bazaar”, priced at RM138 nett per adult and RM68 nett per child (aged between 6 to 12 years old). Fuzion’s key highlight will be the 10 ‘live’ action stations and 6 kawah stations which will be set outdoors by the restaurant’s terrace, where the chefs will conjure up a feast of local street-food favourites as well as over 100 dishes on the buffet which are on a nightly rotational basis.

Taking centre stage at Fuzion’s street-food bazaar is the selection of Gulai Kawah in giant cauldrons with chefs cooking up six (6) varieties of Gulai Kawah recipes daily, comprising of Rendang Daging Tok, Gulai Ikan Masin Nenas, Ayam Masak Merah and a variety of Gulai Seafood.  The Celup-Celup Assam Pedas Station or better known among Malaysians as “Satay Celup” or “Lok Lok” will provide a vast variety of selected seafood, meat, poultry and vegetable available for diners to dip into the restaurant’s home-made sour and spicy Assam Pedas broth.

A sure hit amongst diners will be the Nasi Station which on rotation will see the Nasi Hujan Panas, Nasi Minyak, Nasi Tomato, Nasi Briyani Ayam, Nasi Pelangi, Nasi Dagang Arab and Briyani Telur being offered. At the Fried Noodle Station, chefs will be frying up a variety of noodles on the menu such as Fried Seafood Glass Noodle, Fried Nyonya Bee Hoon, Fried Mee Mamak, Fried Kway Teow with Cockles, Fried Mee Jawa and Fried Bee Hoon Siam.

Chef Parthiban’s award-winning Bubur Lambuk Ayam Madu Istimewa Kampung Raja will be served nightly throughout this period at Fuzion. The Bubur Lambuk at Fuzion is a special recipe created by Chef Parthiban and his team using a mixture of fresh Ulam (Malay salads) as the core ingredient, which crowned them the champions at the “Pertandingan Memasak Bubur Lambuk Kuala Lumpur 2014”. 

Other stations will include the Goreng Station with the Malaysian tea time favourites Pisang and Cempedak Goreng offered as part of the “goreng” selection, Satay Station, Kambing Golek Station, Warung Roti Station, Lemang and Ketupat Station and the Kukus Station.

For Group gatherings of 100 persons or more, the Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa offers specially tailored buffet menus for those interested in organising private or special get-togethers during the festive month. Private events can be organised at the pillar-free Grand Lagoon Ballroom which seats over 2,200 persons, or in any of the other 55 function rooms in the Hotel. Buffet menus are priced according to the buffet selections. For further enquiries, please call the Sales Department at +60 3 7492 8000.

For the convenience of all Muslim guests, Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa offers separate male and female prayer rooms.
So readers, lets see more dishes prepared by both Resort Cafe and Fuzion's Live Street Bazaar for Ramadan 2015. Sedap oooo masakan Chef-Chef tu semua. Misz-ella dah rasa *happy tummy* you all should try it during this Ramadan too.

Countdown to Ramadan 2015 ~ 2 more days to go. Misz-ella.blogspot.com are happy to bring all Ramadan reviews to my reader. Bye.