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Buffet Ramadan 2015 ~ Sunway Putra Hotel present "Dari Dapur Ummi"

Ramadan is around the corner. I am sure all of you are now very busy with the Ramadan preparation. Ramadan is a month of celebration and this Ramadan, Sunway Putra Hotel Kuala Lumpur will be cooking up a storm and bringing back the original kampung fares that are both crowd favourites and incredibly delicious.

Aptly themes, "Dari Dapur Ummi", the master Chefs of Sunway Putra Hotel will presents dishes that are not only traditional and loved by many, but each dish will feature special ingredients and recipes that were lovingly taught by their own mothers.

The five main master chefs, led by Chef Rossham Rosli, Executive Chef who is also the Deputy President of Chef Association of Malaysia (CAM) together with a brigade skilled team who will be preparing the Dari Dapur Ummi feast like never before. Hosted at the newly renovated Coffee House, guests will be able to relish in a spectacular array of over 100 nostalgic must have "buka puasa" dishes from five buffet displays and 10 food stalls.

The cold kitchen of Sunway Putra Hotel will be highlighting different types of traditional and mouthwatering kerabu (Malaysian salad) such as Kerabu Kacang Botol Kerisik, Kerabu Ayam Pedas, Kerabu Cekur dan Daging, Kerabu Isi Ikan Pedas dan Kerabu Isi Kelapa, just to name a few. The highlight from the Soup Kitchen will be the Sup Isi Ketam Berempah (Spicy Crab Soup) that will be prepared with the finest herbs and spices. Ulam-ulaman kampung with eight types of sambal will be served too. You guys should try Kerabu Isi kelapa, its very different and unique. 

Churrasco Barbeque in Tandoor with a selection of beef, lamb and chicken is another buffet highlight that you shouldn't miss.

Perut Masak Lemak Dan Rebung

Kari Kepala Ikan

Ayam Masak Kari Hijau Utara

 Saute Bendi with Mustard Seed

Ikan Patin Masak Tempoyak Dengan Timun

Udang Kalio dengan Belimbing Buluh

Daging Masak Lemak Cili Padi

Squid Masala

Ayam Percik Seri Menanti

Sunway Putra are equally delighted to shine the light on local favorites such as the delicious Ayam Percik Seri Menanti, Daging Rendang Dendeng, Kambing Dalca Mangga Muda, Ikan Tenggiri Goreng dengan Sambal Lemak Tempoyak, Udang Kalio dengan Belimbing Buluh and Kari Kepala Ikan ~ Lauk pauk kampung yang sangat memikat hati dan menggamit memori.

Apart from the show stalls, the highlight will be on popular local fares such as wok-fried Char Kuay Teow, Mee Mamak and old-time favourites like the ketupat, lemang and nasi impit with beef and chicken serunding and Rendang Tok served with peanut sauce.

Dari Dapur Ummi Ramadan Buffet 2015 also represents us a various selection and refreshing desert counter combination of traditional and modern delicacies such as the Sira Pisang, Pandan Kuih Lapis, Kurma Pudding Gula Hangus, Ubi Kayu Rebus served with Kelapa and Sambal Ikan Bilis and accompanied by Malaysia's all time favourite afternoon tea, Teh Tarik.

The Local Kueh Mueh ~ Kueh Koci, Kueh Lapis and Tepung Pelita ~ a must during Ramadan! 

The real 'Kampung traditional' food is here too ! 

Sira Pisang and Badak Berendam ~ Cukup tradisional, kan.

Do not forget to try Kurma Puding Gula Hangus ~ recommended!!

Sunway Putra Hotel's "Dari Dapur Ummi" buffet will be available daily from 6:30pm to 10:30pm from 22 June to `6 July 2015, at RM138 nett per person for Adults and RM69 nett per person for children between six and 12 years old. For a group purchase of 10, one will dine for free while kids below the age of five also dine for free. Mothers above the age of 60, will be able to enjoy a 50% discout from the original price.

CIMB, AmBank, Hong Leong Bank, RHB, BSN and Public Bank credit card holders will enjoy  25% discount while Maybank card holders will be able to enjoy a premium discount of 33% from the original price.

Sunway Putra Hotel also are able to offer a private "Buka Puasa" gathering with a selection of menus starting with a Muhibbah Set Dinner at RM1088 nett per table of 11 persons and one person dines for free while a Mini Buffet Dinner is priced at RM98 nett per person. A minimum no of 20 persons is advised for the private dinner packages.  For the convenience of the guest, Sahur will also be available daily from 4:00 am to Ismak at RM52 nett per person.

The newly refurbished Surau (Prayer room) are provided on the same level as the Coffee House (Level 9) for their prayers and wuduk (abulution). 

For reservations, kindly call Noorita/Mardalinna at 03-40409888 or email to dinesh@sunwayhotels.com.

For private functions, kindly call NurulHuda Azmi, Director of Sales & Catering at 03-40409888 or email to salessph@sunwayhotels.com