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Bene Box Project ~ The Butterfly Project x CaffeBene (Part 1)

Hello readers ..

Another Charity Event that I joined in conjunction with Christmas 2015. This time The Butterfly Project Community collaborate with Caffeebene with a special Project called "Bene Box Project".

23 Butterflies joined the activity which took place at Caffebene IOI Mall, Puchong with a mission to 'make a child smile this Christmas!' We are giving a gift to the orphans of Rumah Seribu Harapan Malaysia. The gifts will be  nicely packed and decorated in a Bowl called "Bene Box" sponsored by the Caffebene.

Earlier, each Butterflies were given an opportunity to chose our Child. I chosed Thamayantih, an 11 year old girl as a receiver of my Bene Box.

13 December 2015, Caffebene IOI Mall Puchong ..The place where we packed our gifts for the Orphanage.

A graduation bear, chocolates, cookies and stationary for Thamayantih. I hope the graduation bear and the stationary will motivate you to study harder, dear. I pray that you will do well in your UPSR examination next year.

Butterflies were seen focusing very hard in preparing and decorating the Bene Box. Its time to show your creativity in a Box.

*photo credit to Miera's FB*
Stop a while for pose. I sat with Miera, Alyza, Sabby, Rachel, Adriene and Trisyln. If was fun sitting together, chatting, drink coffee and decorating our box at the same time. Yahh .. we had a great time. Thanks CaffeBene for the delicious breakfast and the nice coffee.

Miera with her completed Bene Box for her chosen kids

I guess this is Rachel's box

My completed Bene Box for Thamayantih. I'm not so good on decorating .. my hand is not so good with "Kraftangan". I am so "Kerastangan" I guess .. but i really hope she will love it. 

The completed Bene Box by the Butterflies ~ filled, packed and decorated by us. We really hope you will love it, Kids.

Next is the introduction of Bingsu and how to eat the Bingsu demonstration by the CaffeBene representative. Bingsu is like our "Ais Kacang" .. it comes with various flavour like Mocha, Green Tea, Strawberry, Chocolate, Oreo .. etc ... etc. 

Eating Bingu can be a great way to spend with your 'kesayangan' cos it is best taken together, not alone. We were taught the art of eating Bingsu.  Both of you should put the spoon at the centre and with a counting of 1 to 3, crush the centre part together and mix it. Once its all blended together, enjoy it ..

Bingsu ready to be enjoy

The Butterflies and the CaffeBene representatives at the Event.

We really had a great time packing and decorating the Bene Box for the orphanage from Rumah Seribu Harapan Malaysia and look forward to hand it personally to them, soon. Wait for next entry readers. Thank You for reading. Bye.