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Another chapter of my exercise diary .. hidup Misz-ella camni la .. kalau tak kerja, exercise. Kalau tak kat Event kat Gym. Tu je la tempat...

The Big Sister x Panda Cares (The Butterfly Project and Food Panda)

Hello Readers  *waving right hand*

Other than Ramadhan in our Islamic calender, December is another month of giving. Yes, bukan sahaja amalan memberi atau menderma itu diamalkan pada bulan Ramadhan malah tradisi memberi juga telah lama dipraktikkan menjelang sambutan Hari Krismas.

On December 2015, I joined "The Big Sister" program, a charity event organised by  'The Butterfly Project Community', a community for the beauty and lifestyle bloggers with 'foodpanda', the leading food online delivery services which supply food right to our door step and also Uber, a services which provide you a ride to your destination as our Main Sponsor.  

*photo courtesy of Miera*
Saturday 12th December 2015, at the Hamleys, 1 Utama Shopping Centre ~ 15 butterflies were seen gathered infront of Hamley's waiting excitedly for their brothers/sisters to arrive. We are going to bring the kids for toys shopping today with a mission 'Make the kids happy'. Yeayyy !! so excited!

The arrival of the Kids from Chrestus Home, Cheras. Transportation for the kids were sponsored by Uber.

Thanks Uber for the sponsor

The Kids were greeted by Aliza Sara the butterfly

Putting on their name tag for easy recognition

The journey to Hamleys. Shireen the PR from Sugar & Spice Communication was there too.

The happy faces of the kids

What are we going to do here? I guess thats inside the kids mind ..

Look at our excited, happy faces .. We have to identify our own brother/sister ... greet them .. and quickly create a bonding with them. Make them feel easy, comfort and most importantly ~ Make them happy.

I quickly spotted my brother of the day, Suriya. Hello Suriya, I am your Big Sister today *mother to be exact .. hehe*. Today we are going to chose and shop your dream toys and make you happy. Suriya is a 7 years old boy, very fun, active and he is so 'LIVELY'. Can you see that .. his first reaction when he saw me?

Its time to shop. As we stepped into Hamley's Suriya was quite impressed and excited to see what Hamleys has to offer. Dia tiba-tiba jadi 'rambang mata' comel sangat tengok gelagat dia .. tengok tu .. tengok ni .. pegang itu dan ini .. semua dia nak. So cute and kelakar.

Shopping time .. Chosing is not easy for us as all the items at Hamleys attracted his attention *Hamleys has lots ot choices for toys!*. OhMy this reminded me to those moment when Aiman was at his aged - 7 tahun. Bawak ke tempat permainan macam ni, semua dia nak .. nak itu .. nak ini. Yahhh .. I really appreciate and miss those moments and here .. at Hamleys with Suriya .. I felt back to 30's ... lol!

Shopping is fun .. especially when we did it with our love one.  Stop and pose for a while with Darling Shireen.

Suriya is so cute, sweet and super active.  He is very camera friendly too.

Thanks to Hamleys staff who gave a helping hand. I loved their personalised service.

Kakak .. I want guitar. Hahaha .. Kakak dia panggil aku? OhMyGod .. so cute! You make me feel so young la Adik!! 

And Yeahhh .. Suriya wants this Transformer Mask too. Come Suriya, lets Mommy Ella put it on you and we'll see how you looks like .. must be handsome, yah.

One for the album .. Lets do it Suriya ~ S.M.I.L.E. ... and Alex Lim the photographer spotted us. Thanks Alex for this moments captured by your Camera.

Suriya wanted to stamp his hand and want me to do it to. Yess Sweetheart .. lets do it .. I am all yours today .. There our pose together.

The Kids from Chrestus Home were seen moving and enjoying themselves at Hamleys

Big Sister Betty and Big Brother Rawlins with their little brother

The kids enjoying themselves .. As long as they are happy ~ our mission on that lovely Saturday morning

Bonding time between The Big Brother Sidney and his brother

The Big Sister Anfaal with her brother

The message given was ~ Once you have done your shopping, proceed to the Cashier Counter and look for foodpanda representative for payment.

Yeahhh .. spotted foodpanda ~ The main sponsor of our Big Sister Project.

Mr. Vladimir Samborskiy The M.D/C.E.O of foodpanda Malaysia was also presence at Hamleys to be part of the Event. 

Suriya was so happy when Samborskiy took his photo and showed it to him. Small action that touch Suriya's heart *I'm touched too .. sobs*

Finally we are done ~ A group picture after we finished our shopping. Eventhough it was tough and quite tiring for me *cos Hamleys are a real heaven for kids toys and make Suriya excited and confused .. haha* I had a great and fun time touring and running around the Hamleys with him. 

Walking together to our next destination ~ We are going to threat this Kids with lunch.

Its T.G.I.Fridays you alls .. the venue of our Lunch on that lovely Saturday 

The Section were beautifully decorated with a surprise balloons for the kids. Thanks TGIF!!

And suddenly .. another suprised from foodPanda ~ All of us were given a Panda soft toys!

The kids were so happy .. and actually .. the Big Sisters and the Big Brothers were happy with the Gifts too. Thank you Beautiful Heart for the lovely treats.

Misz-ella and her panda

Shireen with the kids ~ Happy moments together

Tehmina Kaoosji ~ Malaysian TV Presenter *my favourite celebrity* was also there to gave her helping hand. Thanks Tehmina for your effort and time *flying kiss*

The Big Brother Sidney and his boy

The Big Sister Pinku No Sakura and her sister

So sweet. I can't stop smiling by just looking at your picture, baby.

The Big Sisters/Brothers .. the Kids .. those who gave a helping hands and the Panda. Thanks T.G.I.F. for our Orphan lunch arrangement, decorated sections with balloons, extra foods and the KIDS EATS FREE at T.G.I.F. 

Finally, its time to say Good Bye. Good Bye Kids. We hope you had a great time with us. It was our wish and mission to make you happy this coming Christmas.

All in .. all in .. we had a blast spending our time together with the orphanage from the Chrestus Home. Thanks to our Mamasan Tammy Lim, the Founder of the Butterfly Project, the working committee of The Big Sister Project, the Big Sisters and Brothers who are willing to sacrifice their rest day and be part of this program.  Big thanks to FoodPanda and Uber who are our main sponsors. Thank you beautiful hearts for making our dreams come true and bringing smile to the kids. This program wont happen without your support. Thank you.

Photos in the entry are from Food Panda's Facebook. Visit their Facebook for more info and beautiful pictures plus more info on their delivery services too.


Pinku no Sakura said...

Awww great post Kak Ella! This reminds me of the charity event back, a day full of smiles, givings and a happy faces of the kids (of course)! Miss our lil brothers & sisters so much! <3

Betty's Journey said...

so happy see the kids so happy. Meaningful event