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Golden Lava Croissant "Meleleh" at Bake Plan

Hai readers ..

Another round of 'makan-makan' that I wanna share with you in this Entry. 'Makan-makan' je kerja Misz-ella, kan. Lepas makan share info dengan you alls kat sini. Sharing is loving ok. Haha.

*photo credit to Bake Plan FB* 

This time me and friends went to a Bakery called "Bake Plan" 

*photo credit to Bake Plan FB* 
Bake Plan is located at No. 36 Jalan SS2/61, Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Location of the bakery is infront of SS2 Food Court and next to the AmBank

This visit is very interesting and truly a new experienced for me. Lets check it out 'Why' readers ..

One of the best-sellers in Bake Plan is the Golden Lava Croissant

Golden Lava Croissant is a croissant with a salted egg custard filling. Ohhh  .. look at the melted salted egg .. belum makan dah tergoda kot!

The secret of making a perfect Golden Lava Croissant was revealed to us  ~ Rolling and layering of the dough and butter is performed by the Chef in a Cold room to preserve the temperature of the butter hence creating the perfect crisp and tenderness. Tengok tu .. ada bilik sejuk khas untuk uli doh Croissant ini sahaja bagi menjaga suhu butter yang digunakan dan memastikan kerangupan dan kegebuan pastry ini terjaga. Menarik, kan.

The filling ~ the baked salted egg

*Photo credit to Elana's FB*
Preparation of the custard

After viewing the making of the Golden Lava Croissant @ The salted egg croissant, we had a chance to try it. Aku sebenarnya dah tak sabar-sabar nak try sebab tengok custard filling nya meleleh ... ohhh cair hati aku babe. So look at my excited face reaction *thanks to my best friend Sidney who captured this moment*

Look .. its melting .. and my heart melted too

Actually I didn't eat Salted Egg. Misz-ella memang tak makan Telur Masin and dont even bother to try it ... but this time I was so excited to try and guess what .... 

OhMyGodd .. Telur masinnya lemak-lemak manis .. langsung tak masin and the pastry is so crunchy, crispy, lembut dan gebu. Paling tak tahan bila tengok salted egg custard to meleleh ... Sumpah sedap!

Comot, kan. Tak kesah la comot. Berbaloi mencomotkan diri kerana Golden Lava Croissant yang sedap ini. Tak rugi Misz-ella memberanikan diri mencuba makan Croissant yang mengandungi Telur Masin di dalamnya ini. Sedap sungguh! You guys please .. jangan lupa try this Golden Lava Croissant when you are here.

I also tried Almond Croissant and Caramel Croissant ~ Both are nice, sweet and has a very good taste ~ Crunchy and tasty. 

As you can see, the price is so reasonable. Tidak terlalu mahal berbanding dengan kualitinya ~ sangat berpatutan. 

Very healthy ya .. Suits healthy living person like me

I also tried Earl Grey White Chocolate Bread ~ It has a very nice Earl Grey Tea aroma and tasted good too. Recommended!

European Rye Flaxseed Cranberry is rich with micro nutrients, dietary fibre, Vitamin B. This is nice too but I prefer Earl Grey more.

Juicy and cheesy Cheese Stick

Fuhhh .. Chocolote lovers check this out ..

Well, when talking about bread and pastries, the main things that appeared in my mind was always flour, butter, sugar, yeast and eggs .. four (4) main ingredients but here in Bake Plan, it was really a new eye-opening experience for me when I was told certain pastries or bread can be prepared and baked perfectly without those ingredients. Eating a pastry and enjoying a piece of bread can be part of your healthy lifestyle too with Bake Plan.

*Photo credit to Elana's FB*
We enjoyed our moment at the Bake Plan. They served the best quality pastries and the staff services are very friendly too. Good Job Bake Plan. Keep it Up! I look forward for my next visit with my friends too.

So bread and pastries lovers .. do not forget to check it out.  Who knows you might fall in love with the pastries and bread at the Bake Plan *like me*

Bake Plan is open from 9:00 am to 10:00pm.
Close every Monday.

Visit Bake Plan Facebook here for more information and off course for more beautiful pics!! Check it out ya ..