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Chinese New Year Flavourful Menu at Sakae Sushi

Hello lovely readers *waving right hand*

It's a time of reunions, bonding and festivities ~ Its Chinese New Year you alls .. And what better way to celebrate this prosperous and joyous occasion than to bond over a hearty meal at Sakae Sushi?

In this Entry, I'm gonna share with you my 'Yee Sang Moment' with my blogger friends at Sakae Sushi, 1 Utama.

This year, Sakae Sushi has prepared a great variety of celebration dishes to tantalise taste buds and usher in prosperity. So readers .. lets check it out ..

Sakae Sushi brought you ~ Toss to prosperity with Sakae Sushi's Fortune Salmon Yee Sang. A tantalising Japanese-inspired take on the traditional Yee sang dish, it is masterfully prepared by Sakae’s chefs using luscious and fresh air-flown salmon, accompanied with a variety of authentic Japanese ingredients such as seasoned jellyfish, Mekabu seaweed, radish and more. Sakae’s delectable Yee sang is then topped with a unique and appetising citrus-infused sauce, complementing perfectly with the fresh ingredients used to fully bring out the flavours of the dish.

Diners can also customise the dish according to their personal preference with add-on items such as Salmon Sashimi, Seasoned Scallop, Jellyfish and Mekabu Seaweed – more appetising variety to satisfy different taste buds.

The Fortune Salmon Yee Sang is available in two sizes: Success Yee Sang which serves 2-3 pax priced at RM29.98 and Money Yee Sang which serves 6-8 pax priced at RM56.98 and both are available for Dine-in and Take away. Wow .. look at the price .. very affordable and does not break our wallet, right. Huge savings for your Chinese New Year!

We had the opportunity to toss it together with Ms Yew June, General Manager of Marketing for Sakae Sushi Malaysia. She said ~ Year after year, Sakae Sushi Fortune Yee Sang remains an all-time favourite among Malaysians and it’s easy to tell why. Compared to traditional Yee Sang dishes, it offers an exquisite healthier alternative prepared by the chefs using only the freshest ingredients. Another unique point is the refreshing citrus-infused sauce that is poured over the Yee Sang, which lends it an additional flavoursome edge.

Other than that, Sakae Sushi also brings you a fun -filled, quality and value for money dining experience with the brand new Happiness Treasures Combo priced at RM98 comprising both the Money Yee Sang and a sumptuous variety of mouth-watering sushi selections. This sushi set features a delectable variety of Sakae’s signature sushi favourites such as Hana Maki, California Hoso Maki, Salmon Sushi, Tamago Sushi, Soft Shell Crab Maki, Kani Salad Inari, Mini Ebi Tempura Sushi, Kappa Maki and Kani Maki. Indeed, it is an ideal choice for toasting with relatives and friends over a delightful festive gathering.

Another must-try for this year is the masterfully crafted Golden Abundance priced at RM49.90. Reminiscent of lavish fortune and harmony, this sumptuous platter consists of five signature golden offerings (Soft Shell Crab, Mini Ebi Tempura, Itoyoridai Katsu, Fried Hotate and Tempura Kani) served with a tangy accompaniment of spicy mayonnaise.

Other than that, we also sampled a few more dishes prepared by Sakae Sushi. Ummm I like. I always like Japanese Food, anyway. Kita makan banyak ~ kenyang sampai terlentang. Hahaha.

Dragon Roll ~ RM15.99
Delectable maki creation of crisp golden tempura prawn layered with fresh avocado slices and shrip roe. I love Tempura .. and avoda. Dip it with sweet sauce + soy sauce and little bit of wasabi ~ Yummy!

Salmon Mentaiyaki ~ RM18.99
Grilled Salmon with Cod fish roe. As usual, Salmon is always my favourite *love it*

Hotate Metaiyaki (2 pcs) ~ RM10.99
Succulent half shell scallops grilled with Cod fish roe. Seafood lover, please do not forget to try this. Its so juicy and simply delicious. 

Salmon Kabuto Nabe  RM19.99
Hearty Japanese-style hotpot with succulent Salmon head, assorted mushrooms and vegetables in flavoursome broth. OK this soup is so-so good. So good till i refill many times. Hehe.

Salmon Cheese Roll ~ RM16.99
Delectable rolls with Salmon, Crabstick, Japanese Omelette & Japanese cucumber topped off with cheese and spicy mayo. I called this soft sushi cos the ingredients inside the roll are all soft and juicy. Nice.

Green Tea Ice Cream with Red Bean Brown Bread Bun
I love the combination. The Green Tea Ice cream is not sweet at all and the Red bean brown bread bun complement the whole taste.

Sakae Sushi’s CNY celebration rewards more than just eager taste buds. Sakae introduces an all-new Prosperity Giveaway ~ Spend a mininum purchase of RM80, and receive a special reward includes the exclusive and attractively designed Sakae Limited Edition Angpows, RM8 prosperity voucher and a Prosperity Gift Card. With the Prosperity Gift Card, diners will stand a chance to win attractive prizes.

Some of the prizes include a set of limited edition Fortune Rong Rong & Lucky Mon Mon plush toys, which being introduced by Sakae Sushi. Rong Rong symbolises prosperity while Mon Mon means full of happiness. Both toys are so adorable and cute! Do not forget to take it home *like us* Other prizes are free food vouchers, or Sakae cash vouchers.

To add the joyfull to the Chinese New Year celebration, Sakae Sushi is also now having a "Pose for Prosperity" contest from 18 January till 29 February 2016. You only have to snap a 'Creative pose' with the  “Toss to Prosperity” Yee Sang standee located in front of Sakae Sushi outlets, upload it to Sakae Sushi comment section of Sakae Sushi Malaysia’s Facebook contest post and the most creative photo stands a chance to win attractive. So, readers .. lets do it. Take your most creative pic at the Standee and post it at Sakae Sushi's FB and lets pray for Win-Win and Win! Its fun, right.

So readers .. *peminat-peminat Japanese food, especially* Sakae Sushi has it all ~ amazing food discoveries, attractive rewards and auspicious toast. Wait not more .. lets usher the year of Monkey at Sakae Sushi.

For more information on the food and promotions, visit Sakes Sushi Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/sakaesushi/?ref=ts&fref=ts