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Delicious Pastry at Croisserie ~ Artisan Bakery

Hello lovely readers ..

This entry is about my "Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan" mission with few of my blogger friends. This time we went to Croisserie Artisan Bakery located at Jalan Plaza Damansara, Kuala Lumpur.

So readers .. lets check it out ..

Ummmm .. looks yummy ya!

OK .. tummy dah start berjoget dah masa ni 

OhMyGoddd .. I want!

The more I see ... The more my tummy 'menari-nari' .. looks so yummy ya .. the taste must be good too .. tak sabar nak cuba ni.

The Floor upstairs is for Croiserrie dining patrons 

This is what me and my friend tried that day at Croiserrie .. ummmmm .. so yummy!

Canele ~ Kali pertama try Canele. I love the taste. Its nice .. ada sedikit rasa macam Apam Gula Hangus but different. Not so sweet .. very tasty.

Oyaki Pan ~ RM2.80
Lembut gila dan gebu! Seriously, I enjoyed every bites!

Apple Danish ~ RM5.50
As an apple lover, this Apple Danish is definitely my choice! The fillings which are made from the Granny Smith Apple are so fresh, tasty and juicy.

Plain Bagel ~ RM3.50
The Bagel is soft and pluffy! I like.

Signature French Croissant ~ RM3.50
My forever favourites is definitely a plain Croissant which we can eat in various ways .. either you can tuck a fillings in it or just enjoy it as it is. But this 16 layers French Croissant by Croiserrie is the best! Just enjoy it that way .. it is so pluffy, crispy and flaky. This is one of the best signature product by Croiserrie. 

Croissant Aux Amandes ~ RM5.50
I always love Croissant and this croissant is definitely different than the plain croissant that I used to eat. It is coated with almond cream and covered with a layer of toasted almond. Suits nutty lover!

German Pudding Tart ~ RM4.00
One of the best!! I love it and requested for more than 1 pc *hehe* First I thought it was a Portuguese Egg Tart. No. Its a German Pudding Tart. It has a very fresh taste, not so sweet, quite creamy and the fillings has a very fine texture. Recommended!

Spinach Quiche ~ RM13.00
Spinach Quiche is the latest offering by Croiserrie. The pastry is soft, the fillings is delicious and it is so mouth watering. Love it!

They made my tummy happy!

A close up of the 'Signature French Croissant'  ~ Sangat lembut, gebu, rangup dan menawan hati 'my tummy'

Tarte Au Citron ~ RM12.00
Ohhh yang ni sedap terutamanya buat peminat-peminat lemon. Crust dia sangat rangup dan 'filling' nya masam-masam manis. Lemon lovers should try this!

We were served with some of Croiserrie's Christmas Special ~ Only made available during Festive Season.

The Triple Noel Cake ~ RM130

This definitely will attract the chocolate's lovers attention ~ The multi layers of hazelnut dacquoise, chocolate florentine, chocolate ganache and chocolate  mouse. Rich in flavours .. very moist and creamy .. full with taste. Chocolate lovers should not miss this! 

Santa Berrylicious Cake ~ RM140

This is so heaven for cake lovers ~ Look at the juicy, moist multi-layers of sourish, sweet flavours consisting of biscuit joconde, raspberry mousse, lychee mousse & raspberry compote. The taste is so good ~ sweet and sour.

Croiserrie Signature Stollen ~ RM100

Stollen is a Fruit bread with candied citrus, berries, fruits shimmered in orange and lemon juice, homemade marzipan, assorted nuts bathed in a luxurious butter and drizzled with a coating of Trehalose. My first time trying a Stollen and it really steal my heart away. 

Chef Ken Jay Lim ~ A young, talented Chef who gave his magic touch on the pastries and cakes at Croiserrie Artisan Bakery. Good job Chef! I love it!

A group photo before we ended our Session and say Good Bye to the good pastries and cakes at Croiserrie. All in .. all in .. we had a blast spending our quality time together at Croiserrie. Croiserrie is definitely a good place for pastries and good Cafe for hang out with your loved one too.

Thanks Croiserrie for the Invitation. We had a great time.

Croiserrie Artisan Bakery is located at :-
No. 14 Jalan Medan Setia 2
Plaza Damansara
50490 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 03-2011 3727

Operation hours :- 8:00 am - 8:00 pm

Visit Croiserries Facebook for more information, photos and promotion updates.