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Vibrant Chinese New Year Celebration for Shelter Home Children at eCurve

Hai lovely readers ..

I was at my another favourite shopping mall, eCurve to witness a Vibrant Chinese New Year Celebration with the children from the Shelter Home recently.

eCurve celebrated the coming new year with 20 children and their two caretakers from Shelter Home by treated and entertaining them with some games, bringing them for haircut, entertaining them with a fun and fast-paced Vibrant Vibes musical dance performance and finally treated them with a delectable and hearty dinner at Pelicana Chicken, a Korean eatery offering authentic gourmet fried chicken and more delicious dishes.

The children getting their stylish haircut at S'Pro Hairdresssing Salon. Wow .. everyone were seen so excited to see their new faces ya.

And what is Chinese New Year celebration without the Lion Dance? The children and crowd were seen enjoying the fun acrobatic Lion Dance performance by Kwong Ngai Lion dance troupe on that lovely evening.

Then it was the vibrant vibes musical dance performance. Such a fun and fast-paced performance that make us feel entertained.

Encik Azizul Hisham Ahmad, the Centre Manager of eCurve giving out Ang Pows to the children, adding an extra joy to the kids that day. Encik Azizul during his speech said that "As we usher in the Year of the Monkey, we are delighted to celebrate the occasion with the kids from the Shelter Home. Festive seasons are a time when family and friends get together, and it has been eCurve's pleasure to ensure that the joy are shared with the young guests. eCurve's are very happy to see the children had a great time here and they left home with fond of memories of their outing at the eCurve.

Finally, the children were treated with a delectable and hearty dinner and their caretakers at Pelicana Chicken, one of my favourite Korean eatery offering authentic gourmet fried chicken.

It was such a lovely evening. The children were seen enjoying their great time and had so much fun at eCurve .. they got their Chinese New Year haircut done, they were having fun at the eCurve game arcade, the Lion dance show was really entertaining as they played around with the kids and make them laugh happily, the pop performance was really entertaining and the kids went home happily with the goodies bags, ang pows and a hearty meal by Pelicana Chicken. Thanks eCurve for making the children happy *I'm happy too*  

From 8th January to 9th February 2016, patrons of eCurve will enjoy the captivating performances and the exhilarating acrobatic lion dance performances which will go live every Saturday, Sunday as well. If you are lucky enough, you will get the opportunity to meet the unmistakable God of Prosperity who will be strolling around the mall, distributing candies and extending festive greetings to patrons of eCurve.

eCurve is rewarding the patrons with various promotions and offers ranging from apparels to Chinese New Year decorations and goodies, all to usher in the lunar new year.

Shoppers who spend RM150 or above in a maximum of two receipts will be entitled to redeem a Candy Canister and Ang Pow packets courtesy of eCurve. Redemptions are subject to terms and conditions and while stocks last.

So readers, visit www.ecurve.com.my or eCurve Facebook page at www.facebook.com/eCurveMall or contact eCurve's Customer Care Officers at 03-7725 0277 for more info and get ready to get yourself entertain with all the programs line up by eCurve throughout the Chinese New Year Campaign. Enjoy your shopping and had a great fun there, OK.