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Biogreen Pink Lady Oatmilk

Hello lovely readers ..

I'm back with Sharing session with you. This Entry is about "BIOGREEN PINK LADY 10 GRAIN BEETROOT OATMILK".

The name of the product is PINK LADY but please bare in mind that this is a Unisex product that suits Man too. Alright readers .. read more to find out what exactly is this "BIOGREEN PINK LADY OATMILK".

Lets check it out ...

Biogreen Pink Lady Oatmilk is a non-dairy product which recommended for all group of people .. doesn't matter what your age are (but not recommended for baby 12 months), especially individuals who are concern about skin and health *like me .. hehe*

Biogreen Pink Lady Oatmilk are made of 10 types of natural unrefined grains, beans and nuts. It also has beetroots which is a good source of iron and folic acids to increase red blood count, confers great benefit to women during their menstrual cycle.

Apart from that, Biogreen Pink Lady Oatmilk also  helps to promote a rosy skin complexion. Uuuuuu .. who do not want that, ya .. pink rosy completion skin .. wow!! I want it too!

The Ingredients :-
Organic oats (certified organic by NASAA), Buckwheat, Mung Beans, Black Rice, Red Lentil, Black Soya Beans, Soya Beans, Red Sorghum, Wheat Berries, Barley, Beetroot, White Sesame, Inulin, Soya Protein (Non-GMO), Flax Seed Oil, Soya Lecithin (Non-GMO), Nutritional Yeast, Pine Nut and Sea Salt.

Uhum .. looking at the ingredients .. well i can say that this Biogreen Pink Lady Oatmeal is high in fibre which is good for our digestive system. Fibre act like a sponge which will absorb all the toxin, acid, fat and eliminate it from our colon. A clean and healthy colon will result in a rosy skin complexion.

This is how we enjoyed it - Mix2 tablespoon (25 gm) with 250ml of warm water. Kacau rata *i shake it* and enjoy it. How does it taste? Ummmm .. it has a wheat grass taste actually and as you can see it is pink in colour. It is not sweet and has a very healthy natural taste.

Misz-ella dah cuba selama 2 minggu and what i can say is It gave me a very filling effect. Means bila kita minum ni kita akan rasa kenyang sentiasa. Yeahh .. because it contains fibre, kan. So i guess its good for weight management too.

Lagi satu paling ketara ialah ia melancarkan sistem penghadaman.  Sangat disyorkan untuk mereka-mereka yang mempunyai masalah Sembelit.

So readers .. Misz-ella dapati, Biogreen Pink Lady Oatmilk memberi kesan yang baik bukan sahaja kepada kesihatan kita dimana ia menyumbang kepada sistem penghadaman yang baik, sistem kardiovascular yang lebih sihat malah juga menyumbang kepada kecantikan kulit - pink rosy skin you alls .. sapa la tak nak kulit merah jambu kan. Comel, ok. Sangat comel.

Biogreen Pink Lady Oatmilk berharga RM68.90 dan boleh didapati di semua BMS Organic Outlet dan boleh juga dibeli online dengan melayari www.organic2u.com.my