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Celebrate the Year of The Monkey with Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre

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After the International new year .. we are going to usher the arrival of Chinese New Year 2016 soon. Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC) is all set to celebrate the arrival of the Year of the Red Fire Monkey with offerings of an exquisite eight-course set dinner and the 'Fu Lu Shou' or Happiness, Prosperity & Longevity buffet packages preceded by 'Yee Sang' (traditional CNY raw fish salad).

From 25th January to 7th March 2016, private and corporate bookings of a minimum 100 pax and above can opt for an eight-course sit-down affair at RM1,888++ per table of 10, or, take the buffet route at RM188++ per person if their party is 300 pax and above.

Executive Chef, Richmond Lim and his team are all excited to welcome the guests with four traditional 'Yee Sang' choices of 'Happy New Year" with fresh salmon, "Dual Happiness & Prosperity" with jellyfish and salmon, "Golden Symphony" with fresh salmon, abalone and gold dust and for the first time "Golden Year" with fresh ocean trout.

And putting their creativeness to work, our innovative culinary team has come out with another unique dish - Yee Sang shushi hand rolled with seaweed.

Other delights on the table include golden pumpkin in sweet corn chowder, roasted five-spice duck with sour plum sauce, Cantonese stir-fried prawn in supreme soy sauce, 'Cheong Cheng' steamed fish with fermented broad beans and sour plum sauce, floret vegetables with homemade beancurd in crabmeat and egg-white sauce and Oriental chicken chop rice.

Other than that, guests can also look forward to the Centre's famous 'Chef Action Stations' of local favourites such as wok-fired kway teow with seafood and garden sprouts, Penang popiah, deep-firend nian gao with sliced yam and sweet potato and Nyoya pan-seared mix seafood, in addition to international dishes like Oriental chicken sharwama, roasted five-spice whole lamb and Japanese Teppanyaki hot plate and various selection of sushi.

Do not forget to end your dining at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre by visiting the 'Sweet Dreams Achieved' Station and indulge in Mandarin surprise cake, baked mini-pear puff with lotus paste, chilled honeydew melon with pearl sago, Mandarin oranges, Nyonya kuih, fresh fruits, assorted CNY cookies such as "kuih kapit", pineapple rolls, peanut cookies, almond cookies, green pea cookies, chicken floss rolls and "kuih bangkit" coconut biscuits and many more.

Enjoying our 'Yee Sang' moment - To be honest, this is one of the best 'Yee Sang' that i have tried. The vegetables are fresh .. the salmon are thick and juicy .. the sauces are perfectly mix .. making it the best "Yee Sang" to enjoy for 2016 Chinese New Year.

So-so-so yummy! I do not mind to enjoy another round of this delicious "Yee Sang" this coming Chinese New Year.

So readers .. either you are celebrating Chinese New Year 2016 with your corporate members of organisation or with your family, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre is definitely a venue that you should look up for.

For more information or enquiries on private gathering or hosting at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre for Chinese New Year 2016, please contact Ms Lee Shan Meng at 03-2333 2740, Aishah Amelia at 03-2333 2860 or Rizal Razali at 03-2333 2833.

Last but not least, I love Malaysia. I love the concept of living with various races, religion and culture under the umbrella by the name of Malaysia. I look forward to celebrate all occasion in Malaysia with my multi racial friends and so excited to usher the arrival of the year of Red Fire Monkey, soon. Tak sabar nak wish 'Gong Xi Fa Chai' to all my loves. Bye. Thanks for reading, ya.

*Photos in this entry are courtesy of Sidney Kan's FB. Visit his Facebook for more beautiful pictures*