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Christmas Dinner Get-Together with friends at Hubba Hubba, Mont Kiara

Hello lovely readers ..

Another Chapter of my 'Makan-makan' Diary. This time we went to Hubba, Mont Kiara for our Christmas Get-Together Dinner. This is what I love about Malaysia ~ a country with multi-racial citizens and various cultures living harmoniously under one umbrella. So many Festive seasons in Malaysia and we celebrate it with food.

So there we were during the Christmas Eve ~ before everyone busy spending long holiday with family, lets have a Get-Together Dinner and Thanks to Hubba Mont Kiara branch for having all of us. It was such a fun and lovely night. You guys better read this entry till the last, k.

We started our dinner with this mouth watering Salad and Pasta

Chicken Wings ~ RM16
Deep Fried with Curry Leaves, Chilli Padi and Onions
Seriously this Chicken Wings is very delicious. It is definitely different than the Chicken Wings served at other Food outlets. It is a bit spicy. The chicken wing is not dry but juicy. The Curry leaves add extra aroma to the Chicken wings making it an enjoyable plate not to be miss. Do not hesitate to try this if you are here at Hubba.

Hubba Popcorn Chicken ~  RM16
Japanese Style Boneless Fried Chicken
Eating Hubba Popcorn Chicken is Fun!! The Boneless Chicken were well marinated and deep fried Japanese Style. It is so crunchy, crispy and so juicy. Dip it with the sauce. Enjoy!

Full Monty ~ RM25
A very crispy thin crust pizza by Hubba. The crust is pink in colour made from tomatoes and topped with sausages, meatball, beef bacon and mozarella. 

Nasi Lemak with Chicken Rendang ~ RM18
This Nasi Lemak with Coconut and Pandan flavour served with Chicken Rendang and condiments, are as good as our 'Home Cooked Nasi Lemak'. Recommended for Nasi Lemak lover!

Pommery Salmon ~ RM28
Pommery glazed salmon fillet, served with garlic potato mash and asparagus. This is recommended for Salmon lovers.

Chicken Wala Wala ~ RM22
I was so happy when this meal arrived our table cos not many Food outlets served this kind of meal and Hubba has it! Chicken Wala Wala is a Boneless chicken stewed in Indian Makhani Onion gravy served with Raita and Pulao Rice. I can taste and smell the aroma of the spice. Recommended for rice lover!

Hainanese Chicken Chop ~ RM24
Served with Hainanese Sweet & Sour sauce, Sweet potatoes and petite Salad.
I love this 'Malaysian Style Chicken Chop'. The chicken is perfectly fried, soft, juicy and non oily, and I love the idea of including the sweet potatoes in the meal *cos I love sweet potatoes .. haha*

Seafood Aglio Olio ~ RM28
Prawns, Squid, Mussels, Anchovies, Garlic and Olive oil - Its a bit spicy and I'm loving it *i love spicy"* The seafoods are all fresh. I dont mind to repeat this meal on my next visit.

Jerk Out Chicken ~ RM24
Pan baked jerk marinated chicken, served with mashed potatoes and green. Well this juicy chicken meal is the perfect option for those who do not enjoy Chicken Chop. Looks good and taste good too!

Lamb Rack ~ RM48
Grill 7 spice Lam Rack, served with Garlic Potato Mash, pea sprouts and Rosemary Sauce. Delicious! Recommended for Lamb's lover.

Satay ~ RM15@8 sticks
choice of Chicken/Beef or mixed .. served with Ketupat, Onions, Cucumber and Peanut Sauce. The Satay is very well marinated, juicy. I enjoyed it just like that without the Sauce. Seriously delicious!

On top of the nice food, we also had some activities during our Dinner Get-together. So readers, lets enjoy some photo taken during that sweet lovable moment.

*photo credit to Bowie Cheong's FB*

*photo credit to Bowie Cheong's FB*

To make the night more enjoyable and memorable, Hubba Hubba also organised a Game called "Wrap me this Christmas" whereby we were given a wrapping paper to wrap and decorate one of our group member.

We chosed to wrap our Darling Elana cos she is the smallest and cutest among us. Well, we guessed it is easier to wrap a smallest one compared to the bigger one like us .. LOL!

We were given 10 minutes to wrap our Christmas present 

We were so excited and it was really fun!

There you are .. our Darling Elana beautifully wrapped.  Our Christmas present are ready. She is so cute!! I want to bring home this Christmas present too .. lol!

A group photo with our lovely Christmas present

The rest of the participants looks cool too!

We also had a Christmas Gift Exchange among us

Yahh .. that's us in a group ~ Elana, Bowie, Chin Yee, Leona, Me and Sidney

This is what I got during the Christmas Gift Exchange ~ "Fatt Chai" or Prosperity or Rich ataupun "Jadi Kaya" dalam bahasa Melayu Kita. Thanks Sidney!

Thanks Hubba Hubba for the great moment. We had a blast during our Christmas Dinner Get-Together. The food was great, the music was good, the ambience was perfect and we love the friendly service too.  Hubba Hubba is definitely a perfect place to chill with your friends or to dine with your love one.

Hubba Hubba is located at :-
Level G Seni Mont Kiara
2A Changkat Duta Kiara
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel :- 012 - 2050442

Visit Hubba Hubba FB here for more information on food promotions.