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Jom Gaya Hidup Sihat ~ Makan dan Exercise

Another chapter of my exercise diary .. hidup Misz-ella camni la .. kalau tak kerja, exercise. Kalau tak kat Event kat Gym. Tu je la tempat...

Ella in London - The Camden Market, Westfield London, White City (Day 5)

Hello. Good Morning ..

Woke up fresh on our Day 5 in London from the comfort room of Shaftesbury Metropolis Hotel, 78 Sussex Garden, London Hyde Park. Yahh .. last night we checked in to this Hotel. We checked in here to give some space to Marina .. she has lots to be done .. checking, clearing. OK .. missed this cousin now *sobs*

Shaftesbury Metropolis hotel room are so comfort and come with other facilities and situated at a very strategic location. The nearest bus station is Paddington Bus station.

My cousin Fendi and his mom Mama Jah and aunty Mama Su

Aiman at Oxford Street with his Oyster card. Oyster card is a MUST when travelling by public transport in London.

Reading the route. Its so informative, useful and helpful for a tourist like us. Well, London is a tourist friendly city .. you wont get lost in London as long as you know how to make use of all the information provided. Thanks to Ayah Ngah and Fendi .. we all 'duduk diam-diam sahaja'. We have this two (2) heroes to guide us. Oh our heroes .. Thank you  *lol*

I and Mama Su is so sejuk.  Mek Ella ni memang banyak songeh sikit .. sejuk pun tak tahan .. panas berdeting kau pening. Haha.

Waiting for the bus. We didnt take the tourist bus. We dont need it as we live like a local in London. Our destination today is to The Camden Market, a fourth-most popular visitor attraction in London. It is reported that this market received almost 100,000 visitors every weekend - source : Wikipedia 

The Camden Market. Ohhh so happening .. so many people .. so many things to see .. I was like so this, so that .. *ohhhh .. jakun la kau wahai Ella .. haha*

The next section in the Camden town is the Camden Lock

Look seee .. Look see .. Ayah Ngah said belilah kalau dah berkenan di hati. Ohh padan lah muka kau tak dapat beli 'nail clipper' yang kau nak tu, kan. Konon-konon jap lagi .. last-last melepas *menyesal*

He is so cute!

If at Bandung, Indonesia this place could be the same as Cihampelas, kalau di Malaysia, perhaps it is the same as Pasar Karat Stadium Shah Alam kot .. di sini macam-macam ada. Barang unik, barang antik, souvenir, pakaian, makanan .. segalanya ada.

Inverness Street Market is another section of the Camden Town. Local foodstuffs mainly vegetables and fruits are sold here.

Next we went to the Eating section

Go deeper inside and you will find a few Malaysia food stalls. We chosed this 'makcik' stall .. selling Rice + Noodle + Beef curry + Salad at 6 pounds only. Both aunty chosed another stalls selling 'Nasi campur' at 4 pounds only. Food are cheap in London as long as you dont convert it to RM. Haha.

Kita tak rindu makanan Malaysia kat London you alls .. semua yang ada di tempat kita ada di sini belaka. 

Seafood Tapas ~ I remembered eating this at Sentidos, Feast Village Starhill Gallery, Bukit Bintang. Kat sini orang jual dekat market je. Hehehe.

It was raining when we were at The Camden Market. Bertambah-tambah sejuk you alls

The fourth section of the attraction in the Camden Town is the Horse Tunnel Market/Stables Market

Ohh my lovely Mama Jah ..

Leather products ~ boots, bags, coin purse, toileteris bags, wool clothing, a lots of funky and fun things can be find at The Camden Market

A group wefie is a MUST. Buat kenangan hari tua, kan. Esok-esok boleh lah anak I dan anak Fendi baca cerita mak ayah nya dulu-dulu .. oh begini rupanya ye..

We thought we can take a boat ride. Unfortunately, the boat does not operate during Winter *frust*

Waiting for our Chocolate coffee to be ready at Ghetto

Next ~ we went to Westfield London shopping centre, located at the White City. Ala-ala 1Utama or Pavillion  in Malaysia. This mall is so big ~ offers various kind of shopping experienced includes the high-end retail area called The Village,  We did shop a few stuffs here.

We performed our 'solat' at the Multi-Faith room provided in the shopping centre.

But I dont want it. Ella is still the same person. If she dont really want it .. she wont buy. But if she really want it, she will get it no matter what .. or else she will dream of it.

Finally we bought one of it. Whose? Mine? No .. *biarlah rahsia*

After a few hours spending here, we went back home, happily.

Our Day 5 (Saturday), well spent at The Camden Town and the White City. I shall blog about our Day 6, soon. You guys dont forget to check it out. Thank You for reading this Entry and Bye.