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Saturday Birthday Surprised Part 1 ~ Selina's Birthday

Hello lovely readers ...

How was your weekend? Phewww .. Mine was a blast! Spending quality times with a few groups of friend. Penat? Off course. But satisfaction of living a life like an 'angel' who love to  make people happy are everything to me.

You Are So Free? No. I am not. But i make time for people and friends whom i love and like. Tak kesah lah if I have to berkorban sedikit masa dan tenaga, asalkan i dan mereka-mereka *kita* bahagia, kan. Chewah Ella .. ayat bukan main Sastera.

Ok lets back to the subject of the Entry ~ Its Selina's birthday and we want to make her happy.

Selina is the owner of Salina & Associates, the PR agency that i had been collaborated with since a few years ago. Dashing, Magnum White Almond, The Haven's staycation, .. among projects that Misz-ella has completed with them. To be honest, Salina & Associates are one of the favourite PR agency among the bloggers. We love to collaborate with them.  Why? Because they make friends with us .. the team are always friendly, always keep in touch, always on-hands when we need help and event hosted by Salina & Associates are always the bomb! Suka lah kitorang kalau dapat bekerjasama dengan Salina's team. Honestly, they have a good reputation among the bloggers. 

The birthday surprised was plan by my bestfriend Leoniel and took place at Chez Leoniel, a French Cafe located at the Alliance Francaise, the place that Selina will be seen every Saturday morning so here we go .. When Leoniel said Ella lets join the surprise I said Ohh Yes!! Lets make her happy. Please be here by 9am. OhMyGod .. so early *i malas bangun pagi* but demi Selina, i willing to let go my comfort bed *auwww .. terharu tak u .. *

I was there by 9.10am. Unfortunately Selina wasn't there.  She will be here only by 11:30am - said Leoniel.  OhMyGod .. we were so nervous waiting for the arrival of the  'Diva of The Day' tapi sabar .... She will be here, say Leoniel.

Finally, Selina arrived at 11:30am with her friend, Fine Schucktanz *Hai Fine .. nice meeting you that day .. you are pretty fun! We had a good laugh with you, Madam Nobody .. haha*

It was a small and sweet gathering ~ Lucas, Fine, the lovely Selina, me and Leoniel. The most important thing in life is to spend quality time with the quality people, the people who you love to be surrounded around with, the people who you find a chemistry with and here we are .. always have a good time and great fun whenever we are together. 

Selina is making her birthday wish. My pray for her ~ Stay sweet, young, lovely, pretty and healthy. Selina is a person who care and concern about keeping herself healthy and maintaining her beauty. And as usual, I love seeing people *woman especially* putting effort on maintaining their beauty and keeping themselves healthy. Eat good food, take care of your beauty. Appreciate all the gifts God gave us. Kebanyakan perempuan, kahwin, beranak dah mula tak jaga penampilan diri. Tak cukup masa or dah rasa diri dah tua. Hello .. each and everyone of us akan tua bila sampai waktunya .. tinggal lagi kau nak tua sihat dan cantik or kau nak tua tak sihat dan tak cantik just because of you are lazy to take care of yourself or because you feel like 'kita dah tua ,, tak perlu lah nak cantik sangat .. tak da orang nak pandang pun. Well, its  about self satisfaction, my dear. Kepuasan diri bila kita mencapai sesuatu untuk diri kita sendiri. Praise and satisfy yourself before you can satisfy others. Be happy and love yourself before we can love and make anyone else happy. Life is easy tho .. not that complicated if you know how to manage it.

The Gluten-free birthday cake baked by my favourite Patisserie, Chef Leoniel. Starting from the day I went to review his Cafe, Chez Leoniel last year, we quickly became good friend. Thanks Leoniel for baking this healthy cake for Selina. I am happy to see you putting an effort to make things happened.

The lovely Selina .. still charming and pretty even with her bare face. I so envy her. Looking at her .. really inspired me to keep on 'jaga penampilan diri tak kira berapa umur kita'. 

All in .. All in .. we had a blast spending quality time together last Saturday to celebrate Selina's birthday. Thanks to my bestfriend Leoniel for the plan and thanks to Selina who showed up *we were nervous initially and phewwww *tarik nafas lega akhirnya**.

The small celebration ended at 1:30 before we say GoodBye to each other. I attended another Birthday celebration after that *story will be LIVE on blog, soon* and a dinner the same night too *story will be up soon, too*. I had such a long and colourful weekend. Tired but satisfied and happy. Live life to the fullest. We live only once, remember. Ok Bye readers. Tq baca entry saya. Nak pergi buat a more serious entry. Bye.