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Jom Gaya Hidup Sihat ~ Makan dan Exercise

Another chapter of my exercise diary .. hidup Misz-ella camni la .. kalau tak kerja, exercise. Kalau tak kat Event kat Gym. Tu je la tempat...

Live Your Life *Aku Tulis Aku Padam*

Hummm .. sebenar nya nak menulis.
Nak sembang kosong dengan korang.

But then .. aku tulis aku padam. Backspace and delete button suddenly become my favourite button in this Entry *sigh*

Ok .. lets talk about life.  Humans are the most perfect creations made by God. We are given with various feelings ~ Sad, happy, frustrated, worry .. gembira, duka, marah, sakit hati, kecewa .. macam-macam rasa kita ada.

And life become so complicated with all this feelings .. cry, laugh, smile .. that are all life. Kadang-kadang aku rasa hidup ni macam dalam Drama. Lima minit lepas kau menangis tapi sekarang kau tengah bergurau senda di laman FB. Drama apa kah itu?

Ohh No. It wasn't a Drama at all but it is a Reality. Life is easy beb. Dont make it complicated.

Kalau suka, cakap.
Kalau tak suka, cakap lah jugak tapi dengan berhemah.
Kalau marah, luahkan. Jangan simpan. And control it at the same time. Dont angry too much. It will hurt you more than the person that you are angry with.
If love .. express it. Show it. Let he or she feel it.
If happy, laugh loud. Make sure others feel your happiness.

Express your feelings. Dont bottle it up. Live your life the way it should be. Talk from your heart. Others will feel, trust me. We are human. Not robotics. Remember that.

At the same time, appreciate your life no matter how difficult it is. Trust me that the bitter moment will be rewarded with sweetness one day .. if you go through it with patient and care. Be strong in life. I love to see how people *women especially* went through all the challenges and become stronger. I love you, strong women. 

Last .. in life learn how to respect others. Setiap orang itu dijadikan berbeza. Dont expect semua orang sama. Kau lain. Aku lain. Dia lain. We are different but we can be together as long as we respect each other. Appreciate each other privacy. Dont cross the border. Trust me that each and everyone of us are special.  Ada kelebihan dan kekurangannya. Ada positif dan negatif nya. Look at the positive, the bright side of them. Ignore the negative. Look at their strength more than their weakness. I wonder why people love to talk more on others weakness instead of their strength. Baik orang tu kau tutup mata. Buruk dia kau jaja. Whats that? Apa tu? Why are you so negative? Cant you be positive? Or perhaps you are full of negative ions inside you .. positif aura tak da langsung kot.

OK sorry .. ter 'emo'. But that is reality. It make me frustrated and sad thinking of it. Cant we live happily, harmoniously, peacefully, positively, lovingly together instead of bersengketa dan kata mengata? Cant we talk positively about that person instead of menghentam dia? Come on .. live your life lah. Dont you agree talking something positive definitely make you happier and healthier? Dont you agree that this world can be a better place to stay by respect and loving each other?

Well .. panjang pulak membebel nya. Anyway the message are .. Live your life with feelings. Love and respect each other. Please be positive, talk positive and avoid negative. 

By the end of this entry, i realised that my messages are all related to LOVE. Begitu lah saya .. sarat dengan kasih sayang dan cinta. I love my friends doesnt matter whatever your religion and races are. Dan sesungguh nya hidup berkasih sayang itu lagi indah dari bersengketa atau kata mengata. Sekian. Bebelan Misz-ella di pagi Selasa ini. Ok Bye. Misz-ella nak siap-siap pergi 'Event'. Enjoy your day, readers.