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Mentholatum Launched Nature Inspired Series ~ 'Botanics'

Hello hai lovely readers .. beauty lovers, especially. This Entry is specially dedicated for you, especially if you are a botanics lover *like me*

Mentholatum, has recently launched its new series of Skincare products using natural herbal essence called the BOTANICS that offer consumers a best skincare result at an affordable price.

Bloggers from The Butterfly Project Malaysia were invited to the launched and Misz-ella was there too. Upon registration, we were given an option to D.I.Y. our own botanic tea.

The botanic tea and Mentholatum BOTANICS.

Sweet, cool, botanics natural ingredients, atmosphere and environment *love*

Then we were given a product explanation by the Mentholatum representative

The complete range of Mentholatum Botanics products

The face cleanser comes in 2 types of packaging  - Face Wash ~ 100gm (RM14.90) & Pump Wash ~ 150ml (RM21.90)

  • Deep Cleansing Face Wash ~ Refresh with the uplifting scent of lemongrass when you cleanse your face with this Deep Cleansing Face Wash. Contains Ylang-Ylang and Tea Tree Extract as the main ingredients as well as White Tea and Olive Tea that helps balance oil, deep cleanse and purifies pores. This face wash also helps prevent blemishes and blackhead occurrence. Suitable for oily and combination skin type.
  • Hydrating Whitening Face Wash ~ Formulated with Arbutin Bearberry that brightens the skin and enhances skin fairness. It also contains Agave that helps retain skin moisture and promotes collagen synthesis to protect the skin against environmental harm. Removes dirt and impurities deep inside the skin along with any excessive oil while maintaining natural balance of water in skin. Suitable for all skin types.
  • Hydrating Face Wash ~ Let the calming scent of Jasmine relax you as you wash your face. This face wash deeply hydrates the skin as it cleanses. Contains Calendula and Jasmine as the main ingredients as well as Aloe extract and Violet which have moisturising properties.  Its soothing properties also rejuvenate dry, irritated and sensitive skin. Suitable for dry and also combination skin types.
  • Pore Refining Face Wash ~ Contains the uplifting scent of Orange Flower, this face wash deeply cleanse pores to remove oil, dirt and impurities. It also contains Rosemary and Witch hazel as the main ingredients as well as Lentil and Green Tea which helps to minimize pores, control oil and fights acne causing bacteria. Suitable for oil and combination skin types.

The Face Wash, comes in a tube shape whereby the Pump Wash is certainly convenient and it controls the usage amount much more effectively. Just a pump or two, for a clean relaxing wash *i love it .. its so easy to use*

The Mentholatum also introduced Mentholatum Botanics Sheet Mask, 22ml/pouch (RM6.90) which is infused with herbal essence and enriched with Hyaluronic Acid to repair and rejuvenate your skin while you close your eyes and relax. It comes in 5 variants namely :-

Pomegranate Anti-Oxidant Facial Mask
Blended with Pomegranate and Natural Herbal Extracts, it protects the skin from free radical damage which causes skin aging. It also awakens and moisturizes the skin with naturally rich anti-oxidants. This mask is suitable for all skin types.

Rosemary Pore Refining Facial Mask
With Rosemary and With hazel as the key ingredients, the herbal essence kicks in to help diminish the appearance of enlarged pores for a more refined, soft and smooth skin texture while retaining moisture for firmer skin. It is also enriched with Vitamin B3 to protect skin against environmental damage. Suitable for all skin types, focusing more on oily and combination skin.

Lavender ~ for Soothing Facial Mask
Refresh and re-energize with a soothing blend of Lavender and Chamomile that calms and reawaken the skin. It helps to soothe, repair and pamper our skin while protecting the delicate skin against environmental damage. This mask is suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive skin.

Aloe Vera Hydrating Facial Mask
Formulated with the finest blend of Natural Herbal Extracts such as Aloe Vera and Narcissus that hydrate and soothe the skin apart from reviving dull-looking and tired skin. Suitable for all skin types especially dry skin.

Rosehip Oil Brightening Facial Mask
Rosehip Oil is naturally rich in Vitamin C which help to brighten skin tone and improve skin luminosity leaving the skin looking healthy with enhanced natural radiance. It is also enriched with Vitamin B3 that protects the skin against environmental damage while it helps to revive dull skin and evens out skin tone for a more radiant and healthy looking complexion. Suitable for all skin types.

The butterflies ~ feeling so natural and botanics with Mentholatum BOTANICS

All Mentholatum BOTANICS series is available only at Guardian stores nationwide. So my beautiful lovely readers, if you like BOTANICS products, Mentholatum BOTANICS could be a right choice for you. So cepat-cepat .. sila drop by at any Guardian stores sekarang and choose the one which suits your skin type. Its so affordable and its BOTANICS!! Bye readers. Thank you for reading.