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Jom Gaya Hidup Sihat ~ Makan dan Exercise

Another chapter of my exercise diary .. hidup Misz-ella camni la .. kalau tak kerja, exercise. Kalau tak kat Event kat Gym. Tu je la tempat...

Hari Cantik

Hello blog reader ..

Salam Jumaat yang barakah.  Semalam adalah hari Khamis yang manis. Sangat manis.

Thursday started at the Gym. Oh besi-besi .. Do you miss me? Its been a while I didnt do any exercise .. kekurangan masa.

Lepas exercise, Misz-ella ke D.I.Y. laundry. Sambil mendobi sambil update entry. Having a life like riding a roller coaster, pandai-pandai la susun masa. Time is Gold. Time is like a river that flow. You cant touch it twice. Appreciate your time. 

Late afternoon was another Beauty Mission. Not only beauty but healthy. I didnt expect it to be this good. If i knew, I would have done it long time ago. Thank You Face Factors Clinic. I was so happy. I will update it, soon. Keep on coming ya readers, cos I will be updating you with a beautiful story. Soon, ok. I promise. Till then, Goodbye. See you in the next entry.