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Hartamas Shopping Centre & Misz-ella support Earth Hour

Hai Lovely readers ..

It was the World's Earth Hour celebration on 19th March 2016, last Saturday.  Earth Hour is a worldwide movement for the planet organized by World Wide Fund of Nature (WWF)

The focus of this moves, which started on the year 2007 is to create the awareness to the humanity to help the climate change. As a symbol of our commitment and love to the planet, individuals, communities, corporate (buildings) are encouraged to turn off their lights from 8:30-9:30 (60 minutes). Misz-ella was one of the individuals who supported this Campaign since the early days. We used to turn off our home light .. sitting next to another in the dark with the light from the candle. 

This year, Misz-ella went to Hartamas Shopping Centre to celebrate the Earth Hour. Thanks for the invitation. I love our planet ~ Earth .. so much .. the place that billions of people live in but our earth is no longer like before. Pollution everywhere, the climate has changed, the weather is so hot killing till we have to stay inside the house with the help of the air conditioner. We didn't enjoy outdoor anymore *sad* and nature ... living in the modern city of Kuala Lumpur .. I don't think we live in the nature.

Sometimes, i dream of Avatar .. a green peaceful home which glow in the dark that brighten our life. But i know that this is an impossible dream.  There is no place like Avatar ~ fresh air, not polluted, glow in the dark, the people love the trees and nature. Yah .. tidak ada. Kalau ada pun hanyalah di Bario .. a rural area in Sarawak which do not have electricity supply that i visited few years ago *Ohhh .. I  miss Bario*

So, there I was on 19th March 2016 ~ at Hartamas Shopping Centre to celebrate the Earth Hour Campaign together in a unique ways.  The Campaign started by signing off the petition board set up for shoppers to pen their name using glow in the dark markers which is situated in front of the Concierge Area.  Well, I signed it too to show my support.

Adding extra fun to the celebration, shoppers also get to glow along this Earth Hour as we painted our face with a special paint that will glow in the dark. This glow in the dark face-painting was given free for everyone. 

I do not want to miss the fun ..

Doing something uncommon .. For my love to our planet ~ the earth

I chosed the rose pattern. I love flowers. My message is ~ I love this Rose. Lets cool the planet together so that more roses will bloom. Lets make this world a better place for us and our next generation. We love the earth, don't we?

Me and my best friend, Kak Yun.

Approaching to 8:30pm,  sweet-scented candles were arrange and lighted during the event ~ From 8:30-9:30pm.

When the lights off .. the darker it is, the more you can see. Your focus is more. Penyatuan jiwa dan raga membuatkan kita akan dapat melihat segala-galanya dengan lebih sempurna. Tak percaya? Cuba lah Meditasi. Pejam mata .. fokus 100% .. kita akan dibawa ke satu dunia dimana tiada apa-apa didalamnya melainkan ketenangan jiwa *i used to do it before*

Save the earth. Make the earth a better place for you and me. Cool the planet. Lets make this planet a healthier place to live in. Stop the pollution, plant and save the trees .. this earth is ours .. love it .. care for it.

The highlights off campaign  was the Borneo ethnic band performance, playing in the dark but at the same time, still visible to the patrons. Glow in the dark paint  illuminated the band members, creating an interesting sight, accompanied by unplugged ethnic music. Comprising of three musicians from Sarawak, these talented souls performed using only the Sape and Djembe, traditional musical instruments respectively from Borneo and West Africa used to create music with only a pair of skillful hands. They rendered a few songs to hype up the night.

All in .. all in .. me and friends had a 'cool' time celebrating Earth Hour together with Hartamas Shopping Centre. We love the earth. The earth is our playground since the day we were born. Lets care and love the earth more, readers.