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Wiko FEVER, HIGHWAY PURE & LENNY2 - A French Technology Smartphone is now in Malaysia

Hello readers .. OK today lets talk about Smartphone. In this entry, I'm gonna introduce you to Wiko ~ Europe's fastest growing phone which has recently officially make it way into the Malaysian market.

Wiko Mobile *ummmm .. the name is so trendy and cathcy, I LIKE* entered the Malaysian market with three (3) game-changing devices namely The FEVER, HIGHWAY PURE and LENNY2. Inspired by the "French touch", the smartphone are designed to provide users universal access to technology and fun in a single device.

Wiko stands for We & Community. Founded and started in France in 2011 and has been available in more than 30 countries worldwide with 7 million users  in 2015.  Wiko quickly captured the market and has become the No. 2 smartphone vendor in France. Wiko corporate colour is Bleen and carrying a very highly motivated/challenges motto ~ IF YOU DONT LIKE THE GAME, CHANGE IT.

Mr. Keng Ang, Business Development Director of Wiko Mobile Malaysia in his speech saying that Wiko has been successfully adapted the latest technology trends as desired by mobile users into innovative products.  With THE FEVER, HIGHWAY PURE AND LENNY2, Wiko continue to hold on to its belief of mobile technology : to offer quality at the best price and to maintain a close relationship with all its uses, anticipating their needs and expectations.

OK readers .. dah kenal nama .. dah tau Wiko dari mana, so now lets know them more. Read on ya readers ..

Wiko Fever ~ A complete Phosphorescent Design
I found FEVER interesting. FEVER has something crazy and pretty unexpected .. a glow-in-the dark effect.  FEVER absorbs daylight and reflects it once in the dark, making it the FIRST glow-in-the-dark smartphone in Malaysia.  Well, i guess this phone suits those who love to play under the moon *like me* its glowing during darkness  .. you can whatsapp, you can play games, type your paperworks, replying your email and it helps to lighten your night during emergency too *blackout .. for example*. Despite all its cute and unique features, FEVER is equipped with some serious performance such as a 5.2" Full HD Display that provides vivid images and IPS technology that allows great visibility from any angle. The slightly rounded lines fit a 2.5D curved glass and the phone has a 5mm visual thickness and a premium look, accented with metal frame and soft touch leather-effect back cover. FEVER's screen is also protected from scratches and cracks by The Corning Gorilla Glass 3.  The fun never stop with FEVER as it is also equipped with 5-megapixel camera and 13.0 megapixel rear camera, photo enthusiasts will definitely appreciate a good 16/9 landscape picture on Dual View mode. Last but not least, FEVER comes with Octa-Core chipset and an integrated GPU for graphic optimization. With all of the amazing features that FEVER has to offer, FEVER is definitely a smartphone that suits those who loves fun, enjoy crazy things in life without compromising its latest-in-technology performance. FEVER is definitely a perfect choice for those who are looking for a serious/working smartphone that comes with lots of fun! 

Wiko HIGHWAY PURE ~ Slimmer Than Ever
Another Smartphone by Wiko is HIGHWAY PURE ~ A very slim 4G smartphone stands at a breathtaking 5.1mm thickness with a total weight of 98 grams only. HIGHWAY PURE is embedded with 16 Swarovski Zirconia .. so stylish, pretty sweet and elegant. HIGHWAY PURE is supported with Snapdragon 410 and 1.2 GHz quad-pro processor developed by Qualcomm. Effortlessly slim and light, the HIGHWAY PURE can capture moving movements with its 8-megapixel main camera and 5-megapixel front camera. Its 4.8-inch HD screen comes to life with the AMOLED display technology, giving nothing other than making photos and videos an impressive realism. Great for taking pics, awesome for selfies and so stylish ~ Definitely suits an elegant lady like me *ohhhh .. i jatuh cinta with HIGHWAY PURE already*

Wiko LENNY2 ~ Bigger and Better Show-Stopping Encore
LENNY2 is loaded with a 1.3GHz Quad Core processor, 8GB ROM which can reach 64GB with the micro SD card. This fun and colourful 5" device allows users to browse between apps seamlessly with no hassle. From black and white to coral, blue and bleen, LENNY2 has a classic yet rock 'n' roll look and comes with dual SIM slot.  LENNY2 will definitely be well-loved by multitaskers or connoisseurs. As the perfect entry-level device for newcomers, the 5-megapixel camera and 2-megapixel front camera captures the shots in a matter of clicks.

I found Wiko's smartphone are interesting and here I am .. holding Wiko  HIGHWAY PURE ..the ultra slim profile smartphone which is embeded with 16 Swarovski Zirconias *love*

Me and the members of the media do not want to miss the opportunity to wefie with Wiko.

All Wiko FEVER, HIGHWAY PURE and LENNY2 devices are packaged with a screen protector and back casing. Additional accessories are also available.

Wiko FEVER, HIGHWAY PURE and LENNY2 are now available in Malaysia through authorised retail outlets starting from 28 January 2016 at the price of RM799, RM999 and RM299 respectively.

So readers, wait not more .. with all the features and specifications that Wiko FEVER, HIGHWAY PURE and LENNY2 has to offer, we now have more options in chosing the right smartphone to cater our needs and with the affordable price that Wiko offers, it is definitely a huge savings for us. Up-to-date in technology, pretty on selfie and wefie and so wallet friendly. Cant wait to make my way to Sungai Wang or Berjaya Times Square and say Hello to Wiko. OK readers. I'm done my sharing session with you. Remember Wiko, ya. Bye.

By the way, more info about Wiko can be find by visiting their Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/wikomy/?ref=ts&fref=ts