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Jom Gaya Hidup Sihat ~ Makan dan Exercise

Another chapter of my exercise diary .. hidup Misz-ella camni la .. kalau tak kerja, exercise. Kalau tak kat Event kat Gym. Tu je la tempat...

Mix Cardio. Tabata. Burnnnnnn .. No mercy to you FAT!

Morning at the Gym. Afternoon at the Salon, malam i pergi ke Lantai Tari - there goes my Tuesday .. taking good care of myself.

Lying on the Floor mat after the class. Melepas lelah sambil 'selfie' .. Pic taken without beauty mode. Ummm .. ada perubahan on my skin. Will share about it later. Tuesday night was Mix cardio plus Tabata. Tabata cardio - Jump. Jump. Run and touch. Shimmy. Mountain climb. Tabata core/strength - Squad. Plank elbow 100 secs x 3. Plank and Touch. 

We made it! Yeayy !! Buckets of sweat, burnt ton of calories and we are very happy. Exercise is always fun, trust me. Lepas exercise kita good mood and masih 'hyper' lagi so lets wefie.  One thing la kan, group ni sangat suka bergambar lepas kelas. Misz-ella tak kesah .. I follow je. Tak salah pun bergambar or selfie wefie ni. Nothing wrong at all. Sharing good moment and positive things are always good for me.

Mieza .. thanks for the pic! Tangan dia macam ada 'magic' .. the pic are always awesome!

Plank 100 secs x 3 sets. Oh yah .. misz-ella dari dulu suka pakai skirt masa exercise. Feel so gigirl and feminine masa aerodance. Perempuan tetap perempuan. Tak kan hilang keperempuanan nya walau dia cuba angkat besi, kan.

Another shot by mieza. Thanks sayang *muahh* .. it was our last class since Magyc Fitness Studio will be located to a new place. There will be no class next week. Ohh sedih tak dapat dance but .. I will make time to visit Tanah Aina Fitness Studio and Gym owned by Puan Sri Syariffa Sabrina one of the day minggu depan. I will clear one of the day in my next week calender to visit my lovely Puan Sri studio. I will update my experience here as that will be another chapter of my exercise diary. You all tunggu ye. I believe its gonna be fun. 

Till then, Byebye readers. Jangan lupa senyum, drink plenty of water and .. bersenam. We love ourselves, dont we. So lets exercise. Yeayy !