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Ella in London - Hello Malaysia

Our last day in London was our Travelling home day. Woke up, had our breakfast at the hotel and when the car arrived, we departed to Heathrow Airport.

The car that we took are so convenient. Reached Heathrow Airport at 11:05am, three (3) hours before our flight take off time i.e. 2:30pm. Better be early since we wanted to 'Solat' at the airport before we fly and we wanted to claim our 'VAT' too.

Pic with Aiman! Masa ni dah sedih .. after this, once we reached Malaysia, everyone will be busy. No more seeing each other everyday. I will miss him since Aiman stay with his Grandmom *sobsobsob* But this is life. Terima dan tempuh sahaja dengan redha.

Etihad Airways - Heathrow London-KLIA, the flight was not full.  Transit 60 minutes at Abu Dhabi International Airport before we board another flight to continue our journey home.

We reached Malaysia the next day (23/02/2016) after almost 14 hours journey. Short, sweet and memorable trip. Moment that I will remember sampai bila-bila. Kadang-kadang aku macam tak percaya bagaimana dengan tiba-tiba tanpa perancangan awal, aku dan Aiman berada nun jauh di London merentas Benua Asia, Benua India, Benua Arab dan sampailah ke Benua Eropah. Yahh .. that is called emergency dan Sesungguhnya perancangan Allah SWT itu sangat indah and trust me that Allah SWT is the Owner of  'Kun Fa Ya Kun'. Kalau dia kata jadi, maka Jadilah. Kalau dia kata tiada redhaKu dan tiada izinKu kita disana, kau merancang bagai gila-gila pun kau tetap akan tiada. And what made me happier was the quality time that we spent together .. moment yang tiada di tempat sendiri.

Returned home are always the sweetest moment. Even London is sweet, cool and lovely off course I love Malaysia more. Lagipun I tak suka terlalu sejuk sampai badan berbalut ketat-ketat tak boleh bernafas macam nangka kena bungkus tu .. I hate cover up myself too much even my friend said You are sexy no matter what you wear .. LOL!

The next night in Malaysia, I attended the Chinese New Year Celebration hosted by Edaran Tan Chong Motor till they asked .. 'Tak reti-reti nak jet lag ke kau ni'? To be honest my sleeping pattern has been interrupted few weeks before I fly. Selalu malam tak mengantuk, siang lagi la jangan harap aku nak lelap. Anyway, Thank You Tan Chong for the invitation. I had a long list of plan for CNY this year and I missed it cos I flew to London but its ok .. God's plan are better than mine.

All in .. all in .. We had a great time in London. Syukur Alhamdulillah setiap urusan kami dipermudah. Thanks to Marina and Martyne our host, relatives in London, Muslim brothers and sisters in London and the rest who helped us during our stay there. We are blessed when everything went well and to our lovely Marina, please be strong Sayang. I knew how difficult it is losing someone you really love .. I lose Ayah Long few years ago .. it was tough. Be Strong and Keep on Praying for Mom. Thats all you can do.

I am so proud with my both aunty too. Gigih bersemangat mereka berdua memerah tenaga berjalan kaki ber kilo-kilometer dan turun naik tangga. Stay positive Ma Jah and Ma Su .. and for both our heroes, Ayah Ngah and Fendi, TQVM.

OK readers. I'm done with my London Trip Journal. Lepas ni Blog ini akan kembali dengan cerita macam-macam ada. Thanks for reading. Bye.