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Ella in London - Garden of Peace (Muslim Cemetry), Portobello Market, Paddington

Hello lovely readers,

It was Sunday during our Day 5 in London, a day before we return to Malaysia. Today we went to revisit our late Che Lah at Gardens of Peace, Ilford, Redbridge, UK.

From the hotel we walk to the Paddington Station, took a bus to Queensway train station and met Marina there.

From Queensway to Hainault, 45 minutes journey by train. Our long journey well spent by talking.

Arrived and walked to the nearest bus station which will bring us to the Gardens of Peace.

We spent a few hours here.

From Hainault train station, East London we took a train and stopped at Notting Hill Station and walk down the street to the world's famous Portobello Market. This famous market  is situated along the Portobello Road.  This street market is famous with the antique items and second-hand clothing, sell at a very reasonable price.

I was told by Marina not to take any pictures of the item sold here. So I took Aiman's pic! What did we do at Portobello Market? We shopped a lot! We went into Poundland and shop a lot of chocolates! Its so cheap. 

We also went to 'Restaurant Makan' and had our Nasi Goreng Ayam, Mee Goreng here. I was told that this Restaurant also sells 'Budu'. We didn't try but its ok .. *belum rindu*

Next we went to our late Che Lah's house in 6th Avenue, Droop Street. OK .. this is our last night in London as we are heading home the next day *sad* Group photo, hugs, kisses and GoodBye .. with a message 'U take care Marina. Keep in touch. We love you'.

Myself, Mama Jah and Mama Su went home with Taxi while Ayah Ngah, Aiman and Fendi took a bus. On the way home, mom found something interesting at Paddington Street. We kept our bags in the room and started to walked and shopped!! Ohhhh .. shopping is so much fun in London and we do not want to miss it on our last night. So we shopped, shopped and shopped till we get enough and walked home happily.

Night at Paddington

Another day in London perfectly spent with 'kesayangan'. We are going home tomorrow *sad*. We had a quality sleep at night and look forward for the next day *our balik day* OK Bye readers.  Next entry will be a wrap up entry on our Short, Sweet, Memorable Trip to London. Thanks for reading.