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Saturday Birthday Surprise Part 2 ~ Its Betty's Birthday

Hello readers ~ Another part of my last weekend Diary. 

The fun of my Saturday continues .. Brunch during Selina's birthday .. read the entry here *in case if you miss the story*  late afternoon was Betty's turn. Betty is a mother for Leoniel, my bestfriend and as usual, Leoniel is always good in planning.

Moments with Leoniel and Betty ~ During Christmas Charity Sale at Bangsar Shopping Centre and CNY celebration at Christina's house. 

As usual, time spent with this family are always fun. Betty and Leoniel ni, dua-dua sangat meriah, kalau sembang, always tak cukup masa. Always ada banyak benda nak cerita. We love each other accompany, anyway.

This time, Leoniel booked a suite at Sheraton Imperial Hotel, Jalan Sultan Ismail to spend quality time with her mother and I was invited to join in to add extra fun. See you at the Lobby 45 minutes from now .. he said. OK .. see you there .. I said. But he was late. Tak pe .. Misz-ella ni tahap kesabaran sangat lah tinggi and I quickly greeted Betty when I saw her walking alone at the lobby *Leoniel was doing the Check In at that time*  Betty was really shocked and happy.

The luxury suite of Sheraton Imperial Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

The suite is facing KL Tower

Mari kita rakam sekeping gambar buat kenangan di hari tua kita.  Ohhhh .. macam la dah tua sangat, kan .. hahahaha.

A photo with the lady of the day ~ Betty

The birthday celebration started with a Cocktail at the Level 38 of The Sheraton Imperial Hotel, Kuala Lumpur .. suddenly were join by Christina and her husband William. It was a real surprised for Betty as earlier we told her that Christina is now in Bangkok, She is not in KL and Betty trusted us. OhMy .. so sorry Betty. We lied to you cos we loved you .. LOL!

Cheers for a healthier, prettier and happier Betty on her birthday. Where is Misz-ella? I was the Mamarazzi lah .. mana lagi, kan. The cocktail started at 5 and I left at 6:30 .. I had a another Dinner to attend. GoodBye Alls *hugs and kisses* Leoniel sent me down and left Betty, Christina and William at the lounge.

Whats next?  OK I sweared I didnt left. I was hanging around with Leoniel at the lobby waiting for another guest ~ Amy and her family. Amy is Leoniel's cousin. There was a delay on her arrival and I was nervous. OhMyGod Leoniel .. I already late for my dinner .. but its ok lah ... lets finish this task and make Betty happy *sambil berdoa jangan lah jalan jem or else I will be too late to Istana Hotel .. my next venue of the day*

Yessss !! Finally Amy arrived with her husband and her lovely daughter. We went to the room *they were still upstairs* ..

Suddenly, we cant open the suite door *OhMyGod .. i was nervous again because of the timing* The Hotel's staff quickly attended to our complaint and we went in. Leoniel called her mom requesting her and the guests to return to the room at 31st floor. OK by this time, we hide ourselves in the room. As soon as they came in, Leoniel went out with the cake .. followed by me. They were shocked! Ohhh I thot you already at Istana Hotel .. you really wanted to leave just now. No. I decided to stay to celebrate this important moment in your life, Betty. They were still surprised suddenly ..... Tadaaaa .. Amy and her family appeared. Phewwww .. terpancar kelegaan dan kegembiraan di wajah mereka. Well, i guess they thot only both me and Leoniel in the room. Hahaha.

The birthday cake are ready. Mula-mula .. Mana api? Sapa ada lighter? None. Leoniel quickly called the Reception and our request were attended fast. Thanks to the staffs of Sheraton Imperial Hotel.  You guys did a great job and made us happy.

Happy Birthday Betty. May you be always be showered with love and happiness. Semoga sentiasa berada di bawah lindungan serta kasih sayang yang melimpah ruah. I love you, OK.

A group photo before I left.

Thanks Leoniel for inviting me to be part of Betty's beautiful day. I hope my presence made her day. Thanks for being a good and lovely son. I am so touched. Biasa la aku ni .. nampak keras tapi hati lembut gila and my heart is full of love. Anything concerning love, heart feeling will definitely touch my heart. Keep on being a good son, k. Mak satu je tau .. tak da gantinya dalam dunia ni. And please remember, Syurga di bawah tapak kaki ibu. Remember her always .. keep her close in your heart no matter who you are with and no matter where you are. Mom's blessing .. mom's loves are the best love in the world, trust me ... sob .. sob .. ok ok i dah terlebih emotional ni .. tetiba rasa nak peluk mama *I love you, Mom*

All in .. all in .. my Saturday was well spent with a bunch of beautiful people, starting with Selina's birthday, followed by Betty's birthday and then quickly rush for an Event at Istana Hotel. Sesungguhnya menjalinkan silaturrahim dan mengukuhkan ukhuwah sesama insan itu adalah sangat indah. I felt happy I could spend my precious time with them. Thanks God for this beautiful life. 

Ok readers .. there goes another Chapter of my weekend diary. Thanks for reading. Bye.