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Kool FM @ 101.3fM ~ Temanmu, Muzikmu

Hello lovely readers ..

Its Kool Fm ~ The subject of this Entry. Rangkaian Radio Media Prima (RRMP) has recently launched their newest radio station called Kool FM. Kool FM started to reach the listeners on 3rd March 2016 at the frequency of 101.3FM (Klang Valley) and 90.2FM (Penang).

Chief Executive Officer of RRMP, Mr. Seelan Paul during the launched

Mr. Seelan Paul in his speech saying that Kool FM, with its Malay target audience at the age of 25-44 years old will be entertaining the listeners with the songs from 80s, 90s and the latest hits locally and internationally. An application for Kool FM has been introduced to the listeners on 3rd March 2016 whereby with the application, Kool FM listeners will be able to enjoy the radio station at anywhere and anytime.

Misha Omar performing during the launched

Datuk Jamal Abdillah performing during the launched. OhMyGod .. i felt like crying when he sang 'Kekasih Awal dan Akhir' .. the vocal that never fail me .. *happy*

Seelan Paul, Misha Omar introducing the Deejay of Kool FM and their Segment ~ AG and Haiza for 'Pagi di Kool FM' from 6am-10am, Liza ~ Muzik di Kool (10am-3pm), Ikhwan and Farid ~ Petang Kool (3pm-7pm), Prof. Dr. Muhaya~ Refleksi Kool (7pm-8pm) and Ezaq ~ Malam Kool (8pm-12am)

Recently, RRMP signed an agreement with Spotify to be the first exclusive partner in Southeast Asia. This smart collaboration will bring choices of RRMP song to the Spotify user. 

So readers, from the day you read this entry, do not forget to tune your radio frequency to 101.3FM (Klang Valley) and 90.2FM (Penang) and enjoy Kool FM. 

More informations about Kool FM can be find at www.koolfm.com.my, or by following their Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kool-FM/109073199123427?ref=ts&fref=ts or Kool FM Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/koolfm_malaysia/

OK Bye readers. Lets be cool and enjoy Kool FM, k.