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The New Aeon Mall Shah Alam ~ A LIFESTYLE Shopping Experience

Hello Shopaholic ..

This is a very good news.  AEON Shah Alam, the 25th AEON Mall  has opened its business to the public on 10th March 2016. I was at the official opening ceremony of AEON Mall Shah Alam recently and I am so happy to share this beautiful fun lifestyle mall with my lovely readers in this Entry.

The official opening ceremony was officiated by  DYMM Sultan Selangor, Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah Al-Haj  on 22 March 2016 attended by the 'Menteri Besar Selangor, Y.A.B. Dato' Seri Mohamed Azmin Bin Ali, the Japan Embassy Ambassador, AEON Board of Directors, other distinguished guests and members of the media.

Dato’ Abdullah Mohd Yusof, The Chairman of AEON CO. (M) BHD in his speech saying that “At AEON, we want to do more than just be a shopping space. In line with our 'Do Mall Campaign' which was launched last year, we want to boost our customers experience - focusing on 5 pillars ~ Do Yummy, Do Style, Do Together, Do Exciting dan Do Fun. Every 'Do' offering only the best whether in food, fashion, community activity, shopping experience and entertainment. We seek to position AEON Mall Shah Alam as THE Lifestyle shopping experience mall for 650,000 residents of Shah Alam.

During the Official ceremony, Yayasan AEON Malaysia handed over some donations to the selected Charity Home. 

Located at the strategic location in Shah Alam, AEON Mall Shah Alam prides itself in its camera-worthy aesthetical features, inspired by an iconic landmark of the community - The Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Mosque. The highlight of its decor, however, lies in its fusion of Japanese and Islamic design.

Ummm .. I love it so much. The building shape is almost the same with others Aeon in Malaysia but look at the finishing touched .. Interesting, right.

Pic credit to Yana Halim's FB

Fulfilling its 'Do Mall' promise, the 1.5 million square feet 'Cultural Destination Mall' offers an exciting mix of 160 tenants, which includes retailers such as H&M, Uniqlo and the 2nd Index Living Mall in the country.

AEON Mall Shah Alam is also a heaven for foodies as customers are spoiled for choice at the mall's Gourmet Table area, which features a wide range of dining options including a delicatessen and a bakery.

 Pic credit to Yana Halim's FB

Whats more interesting is AEON Mall Shah Alam features a unique decor and one-of-a-kind four-season concept based on Japan's seasonal changes :- Summer (natsu), Autumn (aki), Winter (fuyu) and Spring (haru). Well ... looks like customers have more things to do here ya .. eat, shop, take lots of picture and have fun!

The Zakka Zakka section inside the AEON Store ~ Zakka Zakka means various .. 'berbagai-bagai' or 'bermacam-macam'. This section is very unique, a lot of fun stuffs can be find here. I believed we could spend no of hours exploring this place, ya.

Shopping is fun in AEON Store. Kids will have the opportunity to touch, feel and listen before they make a purchase. I love this fun interactive way of shopping!

The educational section seen in the Ladies toilet

Molly Fantasy, a place to chill for the kids

Another nice spot for the kids in AEON Mall Shah Alam ~ The Train Station. AEON Shah Alam loves the kids too ya.

One of the unique tenant at AEON Mall Shah Alam is the J Babies Spa. Well not only the mommy .. babies need spa too and you can get it done here. Cool, right?

Premier Muslim prayer rooms (Surau) is available at every floor. It is spacious, comfortable and clean.

'Telekung' will be change everyday according to the Colour Chart provided by the management. Amalan menjaga kebersihan dan keselesaan pengunjung diutamakan di AEON Mall Shah Alam. Menarik, kan.

Locker facilities in the 'Surau' is available too *additional safety*

Baby Room & Feeding room is available too. So feeding mummy, no more worry, AEON Mall Shah Alam has a special room for you. A very big room with a separation section for Mama and Papa. Breast feeding is so convenient here with this facility. 

Spotted this cuties at the elevator

Haiii .. You must be from Malaysia. Pakai tudung lagi. Comel!

*pic credit to AEON Mall Shah Alam FB*
Another section not to be miss in AEON Shah Alam is the Japan Street. 

*pic credit to AEON Mall Shah Alam FB*
Sushi King, Daiso, Megane Japan , Mister Donut .. just to name a few. Feeling 'So I'm in Japan' at this place. Hehe.

The 2nd Index LivingMall in the country is at AEON Mall Shah Alam

Thanks to Madam Nur Qamarina, the Managing Director of AEON Co (M) Bhd for bringing us to the tour. It is such a beautiful mall with many interesting features. Other interesting facilities includes the Kids Washroom, Refrigerated locker service *shoppers do not have to worry of keeping their purchase fresh with this service*  buggies for children and Community library.

Thank You again, Madam Nur Qamarina.

*pic credit to AEON Mall Shah Alam FB*
In conjunction with its grand opening, AEON Mall Shah Alam is organising a series of Japanese and local cultural activities until 10 April. Visitors to the mall can expect to enjoy a Waidaiko drum performance, kimono showcase, Japanese doll making demonstration, Malaysia Truly Asia Cultural Dance, One Muhibbah Cultural Dance, Gamelan Performance, Indian Classical Peacock Dance, Oriental Chinese Cultural Dance and many more. Within this period, shoppers will also get to enjoy exciting tenant promotions.

*pic credit to AEON Mall Shah Alam FB*
And Yess! I spotted this interesting activity which make me feel like .. Yeayy !! LETS DANCE AND RUN with AEON Mall Shah Alam *happy*

So readers, there are so many interesting activities that you can do here. AEON Mall Shah Alam is not only a shopping destination but also a perfect place for LIFESTYLE. Either for sport lovers, beauty and fashion lovers, foodies, kids, youngsters and adults .. this mall is for you. AEON Mall Shah Alam is definitely a perfect choice to spend quality time with your 'kesayangan' ~ Shop, dine and have fun. So apa lagi .. Jom kita pergi. Misz-ella pun dah jatuh hati dan nak pergi lagi lah.

AEON Mall Shah Alam is located at :-
No. 1 Jalan Akuatik 13/64,Seksyen 13, Shah Alam, Selangor.

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