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Prettier And Healthier with Lymphatic Drainage Massage @ Face Factors Clinic

Hello lovely readers ..

Another beautiful entry that I would like to share with you here.  This time is about Lymphatic Drainage Massage (De-Tox Massage) that I had recently at Face Factors Clinic. The main point that came to my mind when we were talking about this massage is the word 'De-Tox'. My body badly need a de-tox. Since December last year, i was having a tough time .. hormone imbalance *period was up and down*, insomnia *ohmygod .. i like a 'burung hantu' that active at night .. lol* and the worst part the hormone imbalanced has caused me a breakout .. pimples .. rashes .. *sad* Ella is no longer having a smooth skin tapi dah mula ada bekas-bekas jerawat .... sedih, kan. 

But I have one weakness which is I only enjoyed Aromatherapy massage. Urut kampung ke, urut apa-apa ke .. I dont like. I have to admit that I am so fussy. I dont like to be touch by someone that I do not know and I hate massage cos it is painful. Haihhh .. kita pergi salon nak enjoy, .. bukan nak cari  sakit .. that was what in my mind but I need to do the De-tox very badly .. so Yess!! cuba!! I challenged myself to try this treatment. 

Face Factors Clinic, located at D3-G4-2, No. 1 Solaris Dutamas, Jalan Dutamas, Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur. I knew Face Factors from a few friends and I personally knew the owner of this Beauty Clinic tapi seperti biasalah .. I believed every body has their own strength and weakness .. kalau tak cuba tak tau but since I need a 'De-tox massage' badly .. so why dont I try .. It might be good to you, Ella.

The sweet and lovely waiting area. Small and cosy .. thats what i felt once I stepped into the Clinic .. nice atmosphere .. tidaklah terlalu besar tapi sedap mata memandang dan selesa.

Minimalist and modern concept *i like*

Once I introduced myself, I was brought to the massage room. Sweet and simple .. dim and so relaxing .. I hope this room will satisfy me *cakap sorang-sorang dalam hati*. I was given a disposable bra and panty .. changed and covered myself with the towel and wait excitedly.

Ohhh .. the lampu and side table is so cantik! Suka sangat environment bilik ni *good start .. dalam hati dah berbunga-bunga*

The treatment started with an Aromatic Slimming Scrub. Duduk sambil badan dibelai lembut oleh Sang Therapist ~  We need to scrub your body to remove the dead cell so that your skin will absorb more minerals and gain more benefits from the treatment. Ohhh Sila lah *menyerah penuh rela* and I tell you what .. I smells Lemongrass or dalam Bahasa Melayu kita 'serai wangi'. I love 'serai wangi' .. it gave me a good feeling. If you follow my blog from the beginning, you definitely know how much I love 'serai wangi' and how 'minyak serai wangi' has become one of my sleep therapy *I got insomnia, remember* Serai wangi or lemongrass is definitely a good aromatherapy for me. OK i have to admit that by this time, I felt so good *confident level increased*

The next treatment was massage .. massage and massage. I was attended by two therapist  .. one took care of the top part and the other one took care of the bottom. Imagine badan dibelai oleh dua orang sekaligus .. sedap tak? OK let me share you the detail .. the massage started with an aromatherapy face 'point' massage. I mentioned point cos it wasn't a full face massage .. only certain point was taken care. Gerakan jari-jari lembut sang 'therapist' di muka Misz-ella sangat mengasyikkan. The aroma from the lotion or the oil massage used was so lovely and it gave me a very good feeling. I guess it was a lavender smell .. ohmyy .. masa ni memang rasa terbuai-buai *cos I am a fan of lavender* at the same time the lower body part was taken care too by another therapist. The first 5 minutes *the body scrub and the face aromatherapy point massage* was really superb *aku kan suka kena belai .. off course i enjoyed it* by this time, I look forward for the next step.

The next 10-15 minutes of the lymphatic drainage massage treatment was a bit suffering for me. Well i guess this does not happen to others but it happened to me because i am so 'lembik' .. tak boleh la kena picit sana sini sikit .. mengada ke manja Misz-ella ni? LOL! Imagine ye ..bila therapist usik dan urut peha i, rasa nak ketawa pun ada *sebab geli* sakit pun ada .. and Yes I did ask the therapist to reduce the pressure and they did. But its only for the first 10-15 minutes .. the rest of the massage session was a real heaven. Wanna know why? OK let me share more with you here ..

First .. cos my body started to adapt the pressure 
Second .. I enjoyed the aroma from each of the lotion used .. It smelled good and gave me an amazing feeling till i didn't think of the pressure anymore
Third .. Both therapist are so friendly, well trained and knowledgeable 

Sambil massage, the therapist explained that the lymphatic drainage massage is not only meant to de-tox and clear the blockage of our drainage system but it is also good to improve our blood circulation, helps in imsonia, imbalance hormone and also .. TO LOSE WEIGHT!! WaWaWa .. kembang rasa hati Misz-ella kerana memilih Treatment ini .. Thanks to my friend Selina for recommending. Macam tau-tau je I had an insomnia, imbalance hormone and i want to reduce a little bit of my weight too.

My fresh glowing face after the massage .. heaven feeling you all .. I should have come earlier if I know that the treatment is so so good. But waittt .. thats not all .. ada lagi you all .. read more to find out ya

Next was wrapping my body with a hot towel and 'we are going to wrap you in a hot blanket' Alamakkk .. hot? panas? OhMy .. I was worried too much cos I hate and phobia of the hot heat. It will spoil me .. i was worry of 'gatal-gatal badan' .. redness .. etc etc .. tapi tak pe lah .. lets do it .. wrap me please .. lets finish the treatment .. tak cuba tak tau, kan *semangat berkobar-kobar nak kena bungkus .. haha*

Diselimut rapi dengan tuala-tuala tebal sebelum dimasukkan ke dalam selimut panas

Finally, I was wrapped by the hot blanket. Ohmy .. die .. die .. LOL! Before the therapist left me alone in the room, they gave me another round of aromatherapy massage at the certain point of my face leaving me non other feeling other than ~ Ya Ampunnn .. bestnya sampai Misz-ella tertidur dengan lena. Terlalu lena till I didn't feel the heat at all. My earlier thot that this hot blanket will be torturing me was wrong .. totally wrong .. because it gave me a deep quality sleep. Tidur sangat berkualiti dan lena till I was awake by the Therapist once the session was over. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks for this treatment. I really had a good time and once I was unwrapped ... buckets of sweat .. smoother skin and fresher feeling. 

The treatment was so good. I enjoyed every scent of the lotion/oil used till I asked  .. Can I see the lotion/oil used for the treatment? I want know more *I asked the Therapist* and there it is .. the Swiss Made lotion/oil used for the Lymphatic Drainage Massage at Face Factors Clinic.

So you .. you and you

And you .. you .. you .. you and you that made me felt so awesome and amazing on that lovely evening?  Plus the two (2) therapist .. Jose and Ricky *i forgot to take pic with them .. frust* that took care of me professionally. 

Other than that, Face Factors Clinic offers other services too .. Silkpeel treatment, hair removal, slimming, manicure and pedicure, hair, laser treatment and many others.

The Consultation & Treatment Room. 

The Doctor's Room

Coolsculpting .. slimming, anyone? Face Factors! Remember Face Factors, ok

This chair make me happy .. Manicure .. pedicure .. women love, right?

So this is my Feeling about the treatment and my wrap up of the entry :-

  • I monitored my sleeping pattern .. I had a good quality sleep after the Lymphatic Drainage Massage .. something that i missed .. so happy .. I slept very well like the Sleeping Beauty *love*
  • I woke up the next morning and went to the Weight Scale excitedly .. a decreased of 1 kg in my weight ~ It was 56 kg earlier and its now 55 kg after the treatment *ohmygod .. rasa nak lompat bintang 30 kali sebab happy ..lol*
  • Feel fresher and lighter
  • Glowing skin .. it improve the blood circulation, remember?

All in .. all in .. I had a great time and enjoying the Lymphatic Drainage Massage at Face Factors Clinic. I left the clinic feeling healthier *lighter and fresher* and prettier *healthy glowing skin* Thanks Selina for the recommendation. It was great and awesome. I dont mind to repeat!

So readers .. if you are looking for a beauty clinic, Face Factors is definitely a good choice. They had various beauty services and I believed one or two definitely suits you *more than that nos for me*. 

So readers semua, I am done with my sharing session with you. Kalau nak buat 'de-tox' yang 'result' nya akan buat kita lebih sihat, ringan, berseri plus losing weight, try this massage. You will love it *like me*. Seriously, I look forward to visit the Clinic again and repeat the Lymphatic Drainage Massage.  It is only RM170 for first try .. tidak lah mahal sangat dibandingkan dengan semua khasiat dan kebaikan untuk kecantikan dan kesihatan yang kita akan dapat nanti. For me its easy .. Health comes first in life. Nak menikmati kehidupan haruslah sihat dulu and this massage definitely make me healthier. Jom. Jom kita pergi. Kita sama-sama sihat dan cantik, ok.

Face Factors is located at D3-G4-2, No. 1 Solaris Dutamas, Jalan Dutamas, Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur. Call 03-6205 3508 for appointment.

Visit their Facebook here for more information on services and photos.