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Movie Review :- The Kid From The Big Apple ~ A MUST see movie with your family

Hello readers ..  I went for THE KID FROM THE BIG APPLE movie preview last week. Ohhh its so touching .. quite some time I didnt watch a movie that touch my heart and I ended up crying.

The Kid From Big Apple will be in the cinema starting from 10 March 2016. This MUST WATCH movie is a heart warming movie that really touched my heart. A story about love, family bonding, respect, tradition and culture .. a story that make me laugh and cried spontaneously .. a story that make me stick to the chair from the moment it started till it End. This movie won many awards at the Macau International Movie Festival, recently.

The story started when Sophia (Jessica Hester Hsuan) returned to Malaysia from New York with her daughter Sarah (Tan Qin Lin). Sarah, born and raised in New York, sent to Malaysia by her mom to stay with her grandfather as her mom need to pursue her career in Guangzhou, China. She refused to stay in Malaysia at the beginning. She hate the environment and did a lot of things to show her protest. She speaks English and her grandfather (Tommy Tam) speaks in Chinese. Lots of funny incident happened between them *get ready to laugh*

Sarah has a difficulty in adjusting herself with the new culture, the new environment and the food. Everything seems to be weird here to her compared to her life in New York and Yes .. she missed her life in New York so much. 

Somehow, after quite a while she find a moments in her life that she will remember forever - she lives happily, harmoniously, meeting new friends and happy together.

Sarah also find more loves in her life .. with her true families and friends. She discover her culture, her family history and identity and feel so happy with it.

Living a life happily together but Sarah has to face the reality that she has to return to New York to continue her study. She became sad .. to leave her old grandfather alone in Malaysia is not easy for her. Ok readers, at this moment, get ready to cry. Its not easy to leave someone that you love tho .. the bonding between them are so strong. How do this small family manage the matters? Did Sarah really return to New York? What happen to her mother after leaving Sarah with her grandfather? Well, that is for your to check it out.

Readers, this movie is full of emotion ~ love, hate and respect. I love to see how this two generations trying hard to understand and blends themselves very well in order to fit each other.  Many scene touched my heart spontaneously  .. I cried, I smiled and I had a big laugh. Hurmmm .. susah sebenarnya nak buat hati kering Misz-ella ni menangis but this movie Yes .. cair jiwa kental ku kerana mu, The Kid From Big Apple.

So readers .. school holiday is coming soon. Make your way with your family to any Cinema and dont forget to watch this movie together. Sarat dengan pengajaran, kaya dengan cinta dan budaya .. filem ini sangat sesuai untuk ditonton bersama keluarga. Jangan lupa bawak tisu banyak-banyak ye .. confirm nangis punya lah *macam i*

Rating :- 9/10
Release date :- 10th March 2016
Directed by :- Jess Teong
Produced by :- Three Production Sdn Bhd
Cast :- Tan Qin Lin, Tommy Tam (Ti Lung), Jessica Hester Hsuan, Ling Tang, Kelvin Leong and Lenna Lim
Language :- English/Chinese
Category :- U

For more information about the movie, kindly click their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/The-Kid-from-the-Big-Apple-2016-978377362232628/?ref=ts&fref=ts


Isaac Tan said...

a must-watch movie! love how to story flows..