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Picnic at Leoniel's ~ Selina, Chef Wan and The Gangs

Hello Hello Hai Readers ..

Life is so hectic, kan. So full of itinerary, so pack with appointments, paperwork and activities. Not matter how hectic your timetable is, please do not forget to spend time with your 'kesayangan'. Its a stress therapy for you and me, right. Life is not meant for just  'mencari rezeki untuk meneruskan kehidupan' but its also about having fun. 

I call my life  ~ Like riding a roller coaster *bila sibuk tak terkejar macam esok dah nak tak ada* I call it ~ Having a life like rainbow colours *sebab hidup kita macam-macam ada*

I met a lot of peoples in my life. Yang bagus kita kekalkan persahabatan yang tak bagus i just say GoodBye. I love my life .. no matter how difficult it is. I manage my life in a simple way ~ Kalau sedih, nangis. Kalau suka, ketawa lah gila-gila. I dont like to bottle up my feeling. Life is Easy. Dont Make it Complicated.

So here we go .. we *me, Leoniel and Selina* planned a Get-together and Leoniel offered his place as the venue. He said Picnic. Picnic? During one of the hottest day in the world? OhhMyGod .. drying! cair mekap aku. Kau biar betul. Well the picnic was hosted in his Condo *fuhhh ..lega*

The most interesting part of the Picnic was Selina invited her friends along. Wow .. looks like we are going to have more people in the gang *tepuk tangan suka* but .. she mentioned Chef Wan. Chef Wan? The most popular and pioneer Chef in Malaysia? Are you sure? Betul la babe. Kau datang je. Ummhh tengok lah camana. Pagi tu aku ada Event kat Renaissance Hotel. 

The day arrived. Call Leoniel tak dapat-dapat .. texted him dia tak reply. I messaged Selina. Well, woman are still the most manage person in the world compared to man *kau jangan marah, Leoniel* laju je Selina reply with the message .. On On you better come.

Well there we are .. Its the real Chef Wan at Leoniel's condo last Sunday evening *ohmygod .. betul-betul Chef Wan *salam hormat cium tangan*.. and accompanied with other friends .. Ken, Hubert and Datin Viannie. What a picnic we had ~ makan, borak, gelak .. serious talk, jokes, laughed .. laughed and laughed. Thanks Leoniel for hosting. Thanks Selina for your effort to get us together *big hugs*.

So today me and Leoniel has new friends .. the famous Chef Wan, the lovely Datin Viannie, the fun and friendly Ken and Hubert. Thanks to our Darling Selina for her effort in getting us together. Despite her busy schedule, appointment sana sini *she is a business woman* she still managed her time very well .. not only on her career side but also in maintaining her beauty and ... organise this get together for us by arranging each and everyone of them to be here in this lovely Sunday evening. Well  .. this is called Woman's Power *Yeayy*

What I love in life is building a friendship and see the friendship grows. Sesungguhnya ukhuwah itu sangat indah. Menjalinkan sillaturrahim sesama insan tanpa mengira bangsa dan agama, pangkat dan darjat sambil saling menghormati sesama kita. Dalam persahabatan paling penting ialah kejujuran, kasih sayang dan hormat menghormati. Tu je. Yang lain-lain kau tolak tepi. 

Next was Dinner at Rakuzen, Plaza Damas. Only 4 of us since Selina, Ken and Hubert left earlier. It was a fun evening spending with this beautiful people. They are beautiful in their own way. Chef Wan sangat 'happening' .. sangat natural. His positive energy really made our day. Enjoy listening to his stories .. sarat dengan pengalaman dan pengajaran. I learned .. Jadilah seperti padi .. semakin berisi semakin tunduk ke bumi. This man really has something lah. No wonder la dia berjaya membawa dirinya dan nama Malaysia ke mata dunia.

Datin Viannie is sweet and lovely. Comel sangat dengar dia cakap Melayu. Ken and Hubert are so funny and friendly dan Selina .. she is such a darling .. tak pernah bosan kalau ada dia and Leoniel .. kalau dia diam tu means dia sangat penat, it not we really can spend no of hours talk talk and talk .. sampai habis topik tak da apa dah nak cakap. LOL.

So there goes my Sunday. Morning at Renaissance Hotel, then I did some shopping at Aeon dan bergegas ke Leoniel's Condo for our Picnic. I had blast weekend with these beautiful people. Life is always great as long as you know how to enjoy and appreciate it, kan. Thanks to the two important people of this Picnic ~ Leoniel and Selina and for the rest for your quality time spending with us *LOVE*