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Laser Battle Bloggers Challenge with Calvin Klein ck2 Perfume

Hello hai lovely readers *wink! .. 'kenyit mata'*

Didn't i tell you that my weekend was fun? Yes it was a fun colorful weekend. If Saturday well spent with celebrating 'kesayangans' birthday, my Sunday was well spent with bunch of bloggers selected by Calvin Klein perfume at the most advance Laser War Game ~ Laser Battle at Level 7 of Berjaya Times Square.

It was a really fun filled day. So readers .. read this entry to find out what we did ..

Its ck2 ..  a scent for #the2ofus, the main subject of this entry

The Laser Battle thrill, was held in conjunction with the launching of the long awaited ck2 perfume. The Roadshow will be held this coming 21st-27th March 2016 at Mid Valley Centre Court Megamall

I'm sure Calvin Klein perfume fans still remember the iconic ck one perfume which has been in the market since 20 years ago. After 20 years, The House of ck comes back with the anthem for millennials that celebrates the life of today’s youth: bold, free, diverse, thrilling experiences are amplified by the connections between two people.

the THRILL of life, the THRILL of youth, when we are #the2ofus ~ the concept of ck2

ck2 is specially designed for both woman and man (multi-gender),  a dual-faceted scent that balances two opposing forces: the strike of spicy electric freshness and the warmth of magnetic woods. A signature fragrance for an urban, alternative, new freshness.

Fragrance: urban woody fresh

top:      wasabi, mandarin, violet leaf absolute
mid:      wet cobblestones, orris concrete, rose absolute
dry:       sandalwood, vetiver, incense

The fragrance opens with an unexpected spice of wasabi flavor deepened by an underlying note of magnetic, creamy warmth. 

The strikingly fresh top note, evocative of the electricity of contact, is complemented by solar heat and a feeling of warm stones on a hot day. 

The energy of floral accords pulses through the heart with rich sensuality, while wet cobblestones bring a mineral splash to generate electric freshness.  

The drydown of jasmine is enhanced by the scent of vetiver and blends with the creamy fieriness of sandalwood and sensual musks, blending together to envelop the electricity of magnetic warmth.

Complex while cool and natural, two fragrance worlds merge together to create an exuberant, intimate and contrasted connection. 

fresh.    warm.   electric ~ ck2

We tested the ck2 perfume after the game. It smells fresh and sandalwood on me and soft on other bloggers. Well, the smells of ck2 are so unique and different from one another, showing how each and everyone of us carry different personalities and our character change when we are with a different group of people. Let say .. I might be fun and playful when I am with my crazy friends .. suddenly I become soft and cool when I am with my parents and suddenly I become romantic when I am with my lover. Cool, hah?

The packaging of ck2  reinterprets minimalism and art by inviting you to look through the clear container and experience the scent before applying. An expression of ck2’s gender-free fragrance, the 2-part design unites male and female elements. Both the bottle and cap go beyond the classic fragrance bottle to create two pieces perfectly in-sync and connected to each other, much like the connection of two people. The bottle is a pure, transparent and futuristic design that is cool and gender-free. 

Due to the similarity concept of Laser Battle Thrill and ck2, this game has been chosen to kick off the launching of the ck2 perfume.  

*photo credit to ohfishee.com*
The bloggers and the invited player ~ Emmavengers, Emma Maembong's fan club . The players were divided into 4 team ~ Green, Yellow, Red and Orange.

The briefing before we started the game. By this time,  our heart were pumping fast. OhMyGod .. we are going to steal our opponent's flag .. get ready to attack and be attack by them. Go to their base, shoot the flag, bring back to your base, shoot your base and earn point. Sound easy? To be honest it is not easy .. there are defenders around defending their base and they are ready to shoot you anytime if you get spotted by them. There are so many attackers too.  You will get shot and die .. die .. hahaha .. but dont worry .. you will get your life back in 6 seconds and start to fight again. Interesting? Oh Yess!! Definitely.

*photo credit to ohfishee.com*
The Laser Battle located at 7th Floor, Berjaya Times Square is a World class arena design and an official partner of the largest laser tag manufacturer in the world - Zone Empire from Australia. The game is held in a maze arena which is dark and equipped with sound and lighting system. You will get the LIVE updates while in the war zone .. Its fun! Its thrill. I suggested you try it. 

Other outlets are :-
Laser Battle, Kuala Lumpur
Laser Battle, JB City Square
Laser Battle, Queensbay Penang
Laser Battle, Ipoh Parade

More info on the laser battle can be find at this website. Check it out, guys.

*Photo credit to Elana Khong's FB*
Meet my team mate you alls ~ The Wonder Women, the yellow team. Oh yahhh we were seen wondering around inside the war zone. Hahaha. All of us were equipped with a phasor (gun) *light, easy to handle .. cool* and a battle vest which will glow in the dark. The phasor comes with 2" LED display screen with bright colours to display game details *i'm expert with this in Round 2* Lights/signal will be shut down if you are shot. Full lights will be activated if you manage to steal the flag. Get ready to hide *if necessary* and return fast to your base but be careful  .. save yourself cos you are the flag bearer .. you will be attack by your opponents. By this time, I was like *OhMyGod .. OhMyGod ... i dont want to get shot and die .. dont shoot me please .. Hahaha.

*Photo credit to Elana Khong's FB*
Another briefing before the game start *ohhhh  ... super excited at this time* We haven't got the feel since it was our first try but its ok lah .. jom kita redah *Ecewahh .. semangat gila*

*Photo credit to Elana Khong's FB*
A pic with my bestfriend Elana. The game duration is 10 minutes but to be honest that 10 minutes really felt like 30 minutes. Bucket of sweats, tons of thrill and fun. It was so much fun till i can laugh while dying. Hahaha .. mana nak dapat mati gelak camtu, kan. Tu belum lagi Misz-ella menjerit 'auww .. auwww' bila kena tembak. OhMy .. I have to admit that I am so lady .. padahal tak sakit pun kena tembak dengan laser tu. Over lebih makcik Ella ni. Hahaha.

What do Misz-ella think about the Game? Thrill! Fun! Fun! Love your team. Protect your team. Work together with your team = Teamwork. Its all about stay and get connected together = ck2 #the2ofus

After 3 rounds of the game, we were awarded with our Medal .. 3rd Runner Up .. boleh la, kan .. not too bad for a first timer like us .. *ayat bagi sedap hati sebab kami kalah .. hahaha*

All in .. All in .. we had a blast spending quality times together during the Laser Battle Bloggers Challenge with ck2. We look forward to return to Laser Battle again ~ To be a better player .. to experience the thrill of the exciting game again, to protect each other more and stay connected together .. just like ck2 .. just #the2ofus.

*Photo credit to fatinbella.com*

ck2 retail price :-

eau de toilette spray ~   RM289 (100ml)
eau de toilette spray ~   RM219 (50ml) 

deodorant stick         ~  RM89 (2.6oz/75g)

So readers, ck2 launch and roadshow will be held at Mid Valley Centre Court from 21st to 27th March 2016. Lets check it out you alls .. lets experience the trill of life with fabulous deals and exclusive experiences. Lets join the fun and witness the celebration of the birth on the biggest fragrance event of the decade. Its ck2 ~ thrill, exciting, connected to each other, much like connection of two people #the2ofus .. Jom kita pergi sama-sama.